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Growing guidelines onion

Growing guidelines onion How to grow Enza Zaden onions in 5 steps Step 1 Nursery establishment In seed beds, sow 1800 to 2000 seeds per m 2 (45-55 kg seed per hectare of seedbeds). It can also be done on planting trays. For good germination, a well-tilled seedbed with a fine loose surface is crucial. Some base fertilizer or 5 kg/m 2 of well-decomposed compost/manure needs to be incorporated before sowing. The raised bed should be at least 1 m wide and 15 cm high. Sow the seeds broadcasted and raked in on the bed or drill in rows. Cover the nursery with light mulch and water once or twice a day and more frequently if it is hot. Irrigate overhead with sprinklers, hoses with a find spray nozzle or watering cans. You must never let the soil dry out but it also should not be too wet. When germinated, remove mulch to allow sunlight exposure. Do not let the seedlings dry out during the transplanting process. Seedlings should be transplanted when they are the diameter of a pencil. Weed by hand carefully. 8 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 9

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