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Yellow-brown onion

Yellow-brown onion Anakin • Anakin is a fresh market onion with a very nice dark brown skin colour. • It is an early short-day onion, suitable for cultivation in the tropics and strong against foliage diseases. • The variety is commonly cultivated in the dry season and matures 90 days after transplanting. • It has a potential yield of up to 100 tons/ha if good growing conditions are met. • Storability is up to 4 months. Anakin Luminosa • Mid Short Day yellow with excellent vigour, roots and tops and good dark skin colour. • It behaves very well during the rainy season using raised beds. • This variety is a response to onion growers who want to grow brown onions in the rainy season. . Variety Cultivation Bulb Storage (months) Size (mm) Shape Remarks Red This is a very nice dark brown skin onion hybrid. Good against foliage diseases. Good Anakin Short day 70-110 2-4 for dry season = cultivation flattened globe with = yields to grano globe of globe up to 100 tons/ha. Some potential production regions include areas located above 1500 m in West and Southern Africa. This is a vigorous growing hybrid onion. It has a very uniform size. It is a very flexible Buccaneer Short day 60-95 3-5 variety tolerating different climatic conditions in a wide range of growing areas. It could be sown = flattened in November-December globe = to grano globe globe and harvested in May-June. Potential production regions are mostly tropical, West, South and East Africa. Luminosa Regent Early short day Early Short Day light browned skin hybrid onion which has globe shaped firm bulbs 70-100 2-3 with reasonable storage potential - especially good for an early variety. This variety is = flattened capable of globe high = to yield grano globe potential. globe Tolerance to Downy Mildew. Mature at 20-24 weeks after transplanting Yellow onion in the mid-day split, with excellent vigor from the roots to the peaks. Luminosa Short day 70-110 2-4 Dark skin color. = flattened It behaves globe very = to well grano globe during globethe rainy season using raised beds. This is a very early short day with very strong roots. It matures in 80 days after Chelsea Short day 70-100 2-3 = flattened transplanting. globe = It to grano has globe strong globeplant vigour and has more yield than Morena. It can be cultivated in regions between approx. 250 and 350 latitude. Baiana is a late short day onion for the fresh market. It has multiple thin shiny well Baiana Late day 70-100 2-3 retained light brown skins, with strong foliage in tropical wet seasons. It is showing a lot of potential = flattened for low land globe equatorial = grano globe globe wet seasons in areas where wet seasons are not very wet. They can be sown in May-July to be harvested in November-December. = globe = flattened globe = flattened = flattened grano globe globe = to grano globe = globe to grano globe globe 6 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 7

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