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Melon Broccoli Sephia

Melon Broccoli Sephia Galia Melon Sephia Sephia is a strong plant with Powdery Mildew tolerance. The fruits are uniform, medium round sized and early. The netting is good and medium thick. The fruits have late slip and a small seed cavity with an extended shelf life. HR: Fom:0,1,2 | IR: Px:1,2,5 Tracey Tracey is a nice strong plant with medium endurance. The variety is very early with good setting providing good size fruits. These are large and suitable for local market. They have a round shape with excellent colouring, netting and firmness. At full maturity, the skin colour has a golden shine, while the flesh is sweet with full aroma. It is late slip and has small fruit cavity. HR: Fom:0,1,2 | IR: Px:1,2,5 Corato Corato is a broccoli hybrid producing large heads, dark green in colour with tight lobes. Maturity is 72 days from sowing. Performs in hot conditions with attractive floret structure with good market presentation. Cauliflower Novaria Novaria is a very heat tolerant cauliflower with outstanding curd quality and presentation. The plants are vigorous and upright with dark green leaves protecting the curds well. The curds are dense, very smooth and white. The normal days to maturity are 75-80 from transplanting. Uniform curd initiation of Novaria results in a short harvest period. Corato Cantaloupe Sutured Kabayon Kabayon Strong green healthy plant, good setting in most of the trials. Good and uniform fruit size of 1 kg with red coloured fruit flesh. Nice presentation with round shape, creamy colour and nice sutures. Thick and dense net and it has a regular shaped cavity. Italian netted Canteloupe Magnificenza Magnificenza is an Italian netted melon for main season production in Italy. The fruit size is around 1,5 kg, slightly high-round with excellent sutures and netting. The strong plant has an easy fruit setting in different conditions and produces attractive melons with good flavour and consistent brix levels. When planting this variety in the middle of the season, the fruits will become bigger. The fruit colours soon and is soon juicy. Carrot Lapaloma Lapaloma is a kuroda carrot type with a good homogenous shape. Its epidermis is smooth with a deep orange colour. The variety is good for areas with high temperatures and rainfall. It is very strong against nematodes and very resistant to leaf blight. It matures early and capable of high yields with a possibility of 80-90 tons per hectares. Novaria Magnificenza Lapaloma 26 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 27

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