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Lettuce Cucumber Iceberg

Lettuce Cucumber Iceberg Lettuce Slicer Cucumbers Papiro Papiro Large frame with heads of 600-900 grams, good field standability, keepabiity and heat resistance. Early maturing (65-75 days) and can be grown outdoor or indoor. Resistance to tipburn and Downy Mildew. Head shape is slightly flattened globe with nice bottom and light green in colour. HR: Bl:16,21,23,32EU Batavia Lettuce Noisette Upright growing, blond to midgreen batavia with a fine curl, forms a slightly hidden head in spring and autumn, good bolting and tipburn resistant. HR: BI:16,21,23,32EU/1-6US | IR:LMV:1 Macario Vigorous, smaller leaves give and open plant. Attractive dark green bitter free fruits of 16- 18cm. Extended shelf life. HR: Ccu | IR: CMV/CVYV/Px Corinto Corinto is a very flexible slicer type hybrid suitable in both non-heated greenhouses and open field. Corinto is recommended for all year round. It is fast growing and generative which sets fruit easily. Fruit are averagely 20-22 in length and uniformly coloured with and excellent shelf life. IR: CMV/CVYV/Px Beith Alpha Cucumbers Macario Lollo Rosa Tuska Big sized, slow blotting, nice dark red colour. All year round cultivar with strong bolting tolerance. All year round cultivation in the open field, precocity 65-75 days. Average weight at harvest 1-1,5 kg. HR: Bl:16-26,28,32EU/1-9US/Nr:0 Katrina Cultivation: Greenhouse. Fruit size:15-17 cm. Exceptionnally compact and multi fruited! In addition the powdery mildew resistance is excellent. So the production is continuous and at a high level. The nicely ribbed and shiny cucumbers are an added-value for trade. Bearing in mind the extended shelflife. HR: Ccu | IR: CMV/CVYV/Px Noisette Negaar 564 Cultivation: Greenhouse. Fruit size: 16-17 cm. For all cultivations where cold Corinto tolerance combined with flexibility is needed. Negaar can start in cold conditions and finish in hot conditions. Mainly single fruited in cold, in more mild conditions the variety sometimes gives an extra fruit per node. Nice straight cylindrical fruits. HR: Ccu | IR: CMV/CVYV/Px Tuska Katrina 24 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 25

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