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West Central Africa 2020 | English Version

Capsicum Eggplant Hyffae

Capsicum Eggplant Hyffae Hot Pepper Hyffae Hyffae is a pencil shaped hot pepper for exports markets especially suitable for long term croppings. Extremely uniform and productive. HR: Tm:0-2 Henla Henla is a bird or rocket type hot pepper, colouring from green to red. Fruit length is up to 5 cm, high pungency. Excellent when harvested fresh and high yield remaining when fruit are dry. Fruit well-exposed for easy harvesting. Black Pearl Black Pearl is a half long eggplant for spring season in unheated greenhouse in soil cultivation. The fruits have an attractive black shiny colour. The size of fruits is slightly larger than Bartok. The variety is productive, with high uniformity in shape and size. It has a spineless calyx. Gloriana Gloriana is an eggplant good for open field. It has a good leaf cover producing attractive oval shaped fruit. It is tolerant to cold conditions and it keeps its shiny black colour under heat. Production starts later than other varieties in this segment. Benecia Benecia is a type of aubergine that produces fruits which with a half-long form. These are shiny black fruits of good quality. Uniform fruits are produced throughout its life cycle. The plant has good foliage cover and the fruits are easy to harvest. It matures between 85 and 90 days of direct seeding. Black Pearl Gloriana Benecia 22 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 23

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