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West Central Africa 2020 | English Version

Zucchini Capsicum

Zucchini Capsicum Salvador Salvador Salvador has a dark green colour. It has a medium maturity with a vigorous plant habit for open field. IR: Px Milet Milet is a sturdy strong vigorous, medium open and Eskenderany type of plant. Suitable for all kind of growing conditions. Fruit have a clear colour and are slightly shorter than normal Eskenderany. They tend to be more bulbous. IR: ZYMV/WMV Ardendo 174 The plant of Ardendo 174 is medium strong, compact, erect and well-organised. The leaves Sweet pepper (Harvest green or red) Dashen It is an open field green pepper producing large size blocky firm fruits of very high quality. It can be grown in small parcels which facilitates harvesting. It is a vigorous plant with excellent control in warm conditions. The fruits are dark green but changes to red color at maturity. Can be grown ll year round arround the Equator. HR: Xcv:1-5/Tm:0 | IR: TSWV:0 Almirante Strong vigorous plant with excellent leaf cover and very good setting ability. Yields 20 tons per acre under proper management. HR: Xcv:1-3/PepMoV/PVY:0-1/Tm:0 | IR: TEV Almirante are strongly dentated. Nice regular T-shaped of somewhat longer length. It has a very clear colour. IR: Px/ZYMV/WMV/PRSV Clair Perfect for green harvest, suitable for red harvest. Can be grown on stakes to make harvesting easier. Early maturing, 70 days green and 90 days red from transplanting date. Yields 20 tons/acre. It has shown good performance in a wide range of growing conditions and can be grown all year round. HR: Xcv:1-3/PVY:0-1/Tm:0 | IR: TSWV:0/TEV Sweet pepper (Harvest green or red) Milet Mildred Pefect for green harvest, suitable for yellow harvest. Can be grown in stakes making harvest Mildred easier. Large sized fruits of very good quality and firmness. Attractive resistance package. 70 days for green harvest and 90 days for from transplanting date. HR: Xcv:1-3/PepMoV/PVY:0-2/Tm:0-2 | IR: TSWV:0 Capino Compact plant with a dark leaf colour. Regular fruitsetting, nice blocky fruits, slightly small. Excellent yellow colour. Seems to be adaptable for a long term cultivation (staying power). Good set in higher temperatures. HR: PVY:0/Tm:0-2 Ardendo 174 Capino 20 | Enza Zaden Enza Zaden | 21

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