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Vitalis Seed Catalogue USA and Canada 2021

Index Tomato Matthew

Index Tomato Matthew Sakura Toronjina PaiPai Granadero Grape & Cherry Matthew F1 Matthew is a unique variety that combines a robust plant habit and attractive orange grape tomatoes with great flavor. Plants are vigorous, early maturing and well-balanced. On average, fruits are 1.2 oz. (35 g) and can be grown in open field and unheated greenhouse systems year round. Resistances: HR: ToMV:0-2/Ff:A-E/Va:0/Vd:0/Fol:0-1/For. I T: Si. Sakura F1 Sakura is a standout cherry tomato, producing beautiful mid-sized round fruit of 0.6-0.8 oz. (18-22 g) with a sweet and tangy flavor. The fruits are tolerant to cracking, with well-attached sepals and magnificent trusses of 20 fruits or more. Well adapted to open field and unheated greenhouse production. Resistances: HR: ToMV:0-2/Ff:A-E/Fol:0-1. I IR: Ma/Mi/Mj. I T: Si. Toronjina F1 Toronjina is a highly attractive orange cherry tomato with vibrant color and good tolerance to cracking. Adaptable to open field and unheated greenhouse production, this orange cherry is an excellent addition to mixed pints of colored cherry tomatoes. Produces high yields of 0.5-0.7 oz. (15-20 g) tomatoes. Resistances: HR: ToMV:0-2/Ff:A-E/Fol:0-1. Plum PaiPai F1 PaiPai is an indeterminate plum tomato that produces extra-large fruit averaging 6.4 oz. (180 g). Tomatoes of 6-8 per cluster ripen evenly and are not susceptible to grey wall. The plant is notably strong and compact, and pruning is recommended to ensure proper aeration of the vigorous vines. With short internodes that allow for high yields, firm fruits and extended shelf life, PaiPai is a profitable variety for both growers and shippers. Resistances: HR: ToMV:0-2/Va:0/Vd:0/Fol:0-1. I IR: TSWV/Ma/Mi/Mj. Granadero F1 An indeterminate plum tomato variety with a compact vigorous plant for the open field or unheated greenhouse production. Granadero delivers high yields of large fruit, with an average weight of 5.0 oz. (150 g), and demonstrates tolerance to cooler conditions. Resistances: HR: ToMV:0-2/Lt/Va:0/Vd:0/Fol:0-1. I IR: TSWV/Ma/Mi/Mj. San Marzano Pozzano F1 A traditional looking ‘San Marzano’ tomato that produces a bountiful yield of smooth shaped, uniform fruit of 5.0 oz. (150 g). Fruits are robust, without green shoulders, and have good tolerance to blossom end rot. The firm fruits have excellent shelf life. Resistances: HR: ToMV:0-2/Va:0/Vd:0/Fol:0-1. Pozzano HR: High resistance I IR: Intermediate resistance For explanation of codes of resistances, see page 43-45. Variety technical sheet available. Please visit or ask your Vitalis representative. 29

Index Heated Greenhouse Tomato Frederik Extenza Maxeza Annamay Tomagino Tomagellow Large Beef Frederik F1 Frederik is an adaptable variety that performs well in all conditions, including under periods of low light. With resistance to leaf mold and powdery mildew, this indeterminate tomato has excellent endurance and strong vigor for long cycles. Pruned trusses of four will produce large, firm, flat-round tomatoes averaging 10 oz. (283 g). Frederik's high quality fruits have excellent shelf life. Resistances: HR: ToMV:0-2/Ff:A-E/Fol:0-1/For. I IR: On. Tomato on the Vine (TOV) Extenza F1 new! Extenza is a large truss tomato with a vigorous plant that handles warm summer nights very well. The full resistance package provides flexibility for growing with or without rootstock. Fruit size is extremely uniform, and ranges 5.1-5.4 oz (145-155g). Leaf pruning is recommended in order to keep the plant well-balanced. Resistances: HR: ToMV:0-2/ToANV/Ff:A-E/Va:0/Vd:0/Fol:0-1/For. I IR: On/Ma/Mi/Mj. I T: Si. Maxeza F1 Maxeza is a unique truss tomato that combines high yield potential with good fruit color and firmness. The plant is very vigorous and will maintain uniform fruit sizes of 4.9-5.3 oz. (140-150 g), even during the heat of the summer. Maxeza is the perfect variety for growers who are aiming for early and sustained production. Resistances: HR: ToMV:0-2/Ff:A-E/Fol:0-1/For. I IR: On. I T: Si. Cocktail Annamay F1 Annamay is a slightly smaller cocktail tomato with an average weight of 1.2-1.4 oz. (35-40 g). Balanced plants have good vigor and a strong resistance package. The trusses are well-shaped, compact and very uniform. Attractive fruits are glossy and crack-resistant, with a sweet, aromatic flavor. Resistances: HR: ToMV:0-2/Ff:A-E/Va:0/Vd:0/Fol:0-1. I IR: On. I T: Si. Cherry Tomagino F1 Tomagino stands out for its sweet flavor and its strong resistance to splitting. Wellbalanced plants have excellent setting and are fast to mature, making it suitable for year round production. Expect 0.6-0.7 oz. (17-20 g) fruits, with superior color and shine, on highly uniform vines. This variety also works well for TOV (tomatoes on the vine) production. Resistances: HR: ToMV:0-2/Va:0/Vd:0/Fol:0/For. I IR: On. Tomagellow F1 & Tomarange F1 new! Tomagellow (yellow cherry) and Tomarange (orange cherry) create the perfect trio with Tomagino (red cherry). With a similar genetic background to Tomagino, Tomagellow and Tomarange plants are uniform, balanced and easy to manage. Fruit size matches well at 0.7-0.8 oz. (20-22 g), and demonstrate the characteristic sweet flavor, glossy color, and excellent crack resistance of Tomagino. Disease resistance packages vary slightly. Tomagellow Resistances: HR: ToMV:0-2/Va:0/Vd:0/Fol:0/For. Tomarange Resistances: HR: ToMV:0-2/ToANV/Fol:0/For. | IR: On. Tomarange HR: High resistance I IR: Intermediate resistance For explanation of codes of resistances, see page 43-45. 30

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