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Vitalis Seed Catalogue USA and Canada 2021


Index TOMATO DELIGHT! The perfect mix of old-world goodness with a twist of modern world traits! Named for the perfect mix of heirloom old-world goodness with a twist of modern world traits. Explore the myriad of reasons to enjoy the craft and quality of the Mixologist Collection. This gorgeous series reliably delivers high marketable yields and impressive post-harvest traits. A showstopper that displays beautifully in gorgeous color combos and full-bodied shapes. Perfect for wholesale and local markets, professional and home chefs alike. The flavors across this collection are as decadent as the libations they are named after; sweet, bright and tangy and complemented by tomato-perfect texture. From their roots in Italy where Vitalis first bred these varieties, and on to your table, we are proud to bring this innovative collection forward. Your customers and consumers everywhere will be happy you’re growing with us. ORGANIC Selected to perform under organic conditions RESISTANT Great disease package High resistance to leaf mold HIGHLY MARKETABLE Competitive quality Firm fruit withstand handling Size uniformity GROWER FRIENDLY High yielding Adaptable varieties GORGEOUS DISPLAYS Shelf and consumer-friendly A mix of striking color combos Full-bodied shapes WONDERFUL FLAVORS Sweet, tangy, and bright Tomato-perfect texture CREATING AN ORGANIC WORLD TOGETHER.

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