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Vitalis Seed Catalogue USA and Canada 2021

Index Cauliflower Mardi

Index Cauliflower Mardi F1 Mardi is an early maturing cauliflower that develops uniform, white heads averaging 1.3-1.8 lb. (600-800 g). Plant habit is vigorous and upright, with partially self-wrapping leaves to protect the curds. Mardi is appreciated for its sweet, nutty flavor, and can be grown in the spring, summer and fall in Northern climates. Mardi Radish Celesta Celesta F1 Celesta produces red, round, uniform bulbs of excellent quality. It has compact, strong, upright foliage that allows for easy harvest. Celesta is broadly adaptable and recommended for open field and high tunnel production. Pearl A white, smooth, round radish with a small green neck for open field production. Pearl has very vigorous growth and good resistance to cracking. It is adaptable as a processing radish in cello bags or in fresh bunches, due to its strong tops. This variety shines when mixed with red round radishes. Pearl Fennel Preludio Preludio F1 Preludio is an early variety with good bolting tolerance. It produces uniform, round bulbs of standout quality and yield. Compact plants are very upright and bulbs have a narrow cutting surface for ease of harvest. With succession plantings, Preludio can be successfully harvested in spring, summer and early fall. Variety technical sheet available. Please visit or ask your Vitalis representative. 21

Index Cucumber Corinto Paraiso American Slicer Corinto F1 An adaptable slicer variety that sets well under cool conditions. This variety is very productive and produces cylindrical, dark green, shiny, smooth fruit of 8-10 in. (20-25 cm) in length. The excellent disease resistance package makes this variety a great choice for both open field and unheated greenhouse production. Resistances: IR: Px/CMV/CVYV. Paraiso F1 Paraiso is a very flexible variety adapted well to varying growing conditions. The plant is vigorous and produces well in cold conditions. Fruits average 8-9 in. (20-22 cm) long, and are cylindrical, shiny and dark green. They have good shelf life and retain an attractive shine in storage. Resistances: IR: Px/CMV/CVYV/CYSDV. HR: High resistance I IR: Intermediate resistance For explanation of codes of resistances, see page 43-45. 22

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