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Vitalis Seed Catalogue USA and Canada 2021

Index Leek Chinook F1

Index Leek Chinook F1 Chinook is a fast growing summer hybrid with exceptionally long, straight shanks that clean easily in the field. This variety has excellent uniformity and grows quickly even under cold conditions. Plants are medium green and upright. An excellent choice for reliable, high-quality, early season leeks. Chinook Comanche Comanche F1 A main season hybrid producing leeks with long shanks that are easy to peel. Comanche has dark green foliage and an upright habit. This adaptable variety has a flexible harvest window and can be marketed loose, in bunches or in cello packs. Oslo F1 Our latest maturing leek, Oslo is a late fall and early winter variety with upright, dark blue leaves and a stocky shank that is easy to peel. This variety performs very well as an over-wintered leek, with impressive bolting tolerance. In cold regions, Oslo can be used as a storage leek. Blauwgroene Herfst* Tadorna Tadorna is a well-loved open pollinated standard for organic growers. This autumnwinter leek is uniform and can fit into most leek programs, given its adaptability to multiple growing regions. Tadorna has long white shanks and is easy to harvest and clean. Oslo LEEK Tadorna Variety Leaf Color Early Main Autumn Winter Chinook F1 Medium Green 4 4 Comanche F1 Dark Green 4 4 Oslo F1 Dark Blue 4 4 Tadorna Blue-Green 4 4 Variety technical sheet available. Please visit or ask your Vitalis representative. 19

Index Onion Gabriella Madalyn Cabernet Short Day Gabriella F1 Gabriella is a high yielding short day variety that is strong against bolting. Uniform bulbs have a mild to sweet flavor and an attractive globe shape. Yellow to brown in color, onions are large in size and will store for 2-4 months. Maturing mid-to-late season, this beauty will yield an excellent crop for fresh market and short term storage. Madalyn F1 Madalyn is an early-to-mid short day yellow onion with excellent bolting tolerance for fresh market production. It produces globe shaped, bronze colored onions that are medium to large in size. Bulbs are single centered and tops are upright and vigorous. Madalyn is quick to mature and high yielding. Intermediate Day Cabernet F1 Cabernet is a medium-sized, intermediate red onion for storage, fresh market or export. With a vigorous plant habit, Cabernet produces uniform globe shaped bulbs of outstanding holding ability and quality. Excellent internal ring color development combined with single centers and partial resistance to foliar diseases make this variety a standard for organic onion production. Typical harvest is July through August, offering earliness, firmness and 4-6 month storability. Monastrell F1 Monastrell is an intermediate day onion that boasts high quality bulbs. Plants are upright and strong against disease. With round to slightly flat shapes, this dark red onion shows strong sunscald tolerance. Monastrell matures slightly later than Cabernet and is larger in size. This variety has excellent internal ring color development and impressive storage capability for its class. Monastrell Variety technical sheet available. Please visit or ask your Vitalis representative. 20

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