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Vitalis Seed Catalogue USA and Canada 2021

Index Lettuce Xalbadora

Index Lettuce Xalbadora Breen Pomegranate Crunch Dragoon Newham Green Mini Romaine Xalbadora A mini romaine with great fill, dark green color and high gloss. Xalbadora does well against tip burn and downy mildew, and is widely adaptable for full season production. Upright habit and fast filling with a sweet, dense core, Xalbadora is the largest of our mini romaine varieties. Resistances: HR: Bl:16-36EU/1-9US/Nr:0/TBSV. I IR: LMV:1. Red Mini Romaine Breen Breen is a unique red mini romaine, which closes nicely in the top, resulting in a perfectly formed heart. This great-tasting variety, which resembles a Treviso radicchio in appearance, has light colored veins that provide an attractive contrast with the reddish-brown leaves, and has excellent shelf life. Resistances: HR: Bl:16-21,23-26,28-36EU/1-9US. Pomegranate Crunch This variety is a red mini romaine with an open habit and smooth texture. Faster growing than other red romaine varieties, with a brilliant poppy red color on the outside and a speckled red-green interior. Pomegranate Crunch pairs well with a solid green mini head for an attractive presentation. Resistances: HR: Bl:16-27,29,34,36EU/1-8US/TBSV. Green Little Gem Dragoon Dragoon is a well-filled, compact little gem. This variety has dark green, semi-savoy outer leaves, matures slowly and keeps a short core. It is strong against bolting and internal tipburn, and is appropriate for open field or unheated greenhouse production. Resistances: HR: Bl:16-27,29,34,36EU/1-8US/Nr:0/TBSV. I IR: LMV:1. Newham Newham is a smooth-leaved green little gem with red aphid resistance. Excellent fill, strong tipburn resistance and a very sweet flavor make this variety a standout. Suitable for year-round production in coastal regions, and spring, fall, and winter production in hotter areas. Resistances: HR: Bl:16-21,23-26,28-36EU/1-9US/Nr:0/Pb. I IR: LMV:1/Ss. Spretnak A beautiful and tasty little gem with compact, well-closing heads, smooth outer leaves and tightly packed, blanched hearts. Best for spring and fall cultivation, with strong field tolerance to downy mildew. Resistances: HR: Bl:16-21,23-26,28-36EU/1-9US/Fol:1/Pb. Spretnak HR: High resistance I IR: Intermediate resistance For explanation of codes of resistances, see page 43-45. Variety technical sheet available. Please visit or ask your Vitalis representative. 9

Index Lettuce Truchas Bellevue Ilema Red Little Gem Truchas A little gem / mini romaine type that provides a stunning contrast between green hearts and dark cherry red leaves. The upright cylindrical shape, good uniformity and ease of cleaning make this an excellent complement to the Vitalis green little gem assortment. Resistances: HR: Bl:16-26,28-36EU/1-9US/TBSV. I IR: LMV:1. Red Oakleaf Bellevue A red oakleaf ideal for full size or mini head harvest. Bellevue has a soft butter-like texture and very sweet flavor. Slightly bronzed cherry-red leaves contrast with a fresh green blanched heart. Excellent field holding capacity for full season production. Bellevue is well-filled and compact, and has improved downy mildew resistance. Resistances: HR: Bl:16-36EU/1-8US/Nr:0/TBSV. I IR: LMV:1. Lollo Bionda Ilema Ilema is an impressively voluminous green lollo, with a strong plant and nice leaf curliness. Ilema has a unique combination of fast growth, good weight, field holding capacity and very sweet flavor. Adaptable to open field and hydroponic growing conditions. Resistances: HR: Bl:16-33EU/1-9US/Nr:0/Pb/TBSV. I IR: LMV:1/Fol:1. HR: High resistance I IR: Intermediate resistance For explanation of codes of resistances, see page 43-45. 10

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