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Vitalis Catalogue Worldwide 2017

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Pepper Type Heated

Pepper Type Heated Non-heated Open Field Fruitsize (mm) Resistances Hr Ir Comments Blocky Red/Green Artega F1 a 70-75 Tm:0-2 Small fruit size. Fast. High yield. Ferrari F1 aa 75-80 Tm:0-2 Reliable. Vigorous. Bendigo F1 aa 75-80 Tm:0 Easy grower in North West Europe. Marletta F1 a 75-85 Tm:0-3 Ma/Mi/Mj Fast variety. Excellent fruit quality. Spider F1 a 80-85 Tm:0-2 Also for green fruits. Maldonado F1 a 80-85 Tm:0-3 Fast. Excellent shelflife. Maduro F1 a 85-90 Tm:0-2 Large fruits with nice shape. Vigorous plant. Sprinter F1 aa 85-95 Tm:0-3 Good taste, very good in North Europe. Tamarín F1 New a 85-90 Tm:0-3 TSWV:0 South Europe spring. High & early production. Excellent fruit shape. Triple 5 F1 a 85-90 Tm:0-3 Ma/Mi/Mj Easy setting. Good growth. Nice blocky high quality fruits. Maranello F1 a 85-95 Tm:0-2 Large fruits. Fast. High yield. Imperio F1 a 90+ Tm:0-3 TSWV:0 New, flexible, big fruits. Blocky Orange Milena F1 a 85 PVY:0-1/Tm:0-3 TSWV:0/TEV High total yield. Orbit F1 New a 85+ Tm:0-3 High yield. Big fruits. Long plant. Blocky Yellow Fiesta F1 aa 75-80 Tm:0-2 Regular setting, quality fruits. Kaite F1 a 80-85 Tm:0-3 Fast. High yield excellent shelflife. Brocanto F1 New a 85+ Tm:0-3 TSWV:0 South Europe. Nice block & good shelflife. Early production. Deniro F1 a 80-100 Tm:0-3 TSWV:0 Very productive. Good recovering. Firm fruits. Bentley F1 a 90+ Tm:0-3 Generative, open and short plant. Abay F1 a 95 Xcv:1-5/Tm:0 High quality yellow field pepper. Blocky White Vedrana F1 aa 85-95 Tm:0-2 White to light green variety. Sweet Conical mini & normal Rojito F1 aaa 25x75 Tm:0 Mini, Red, excellent setting. E 499531 F1 aaa 25x60 Tm:0 Mini, Orange, very tasty. E 499526 F1 aaa 25x60 Tm:0 Mini, Yellow, thick fruit wall. Cooper F1 aa 45x190 Tm:0-3 Red. Generative. Fast. Strong on blossom end rot. Oranos F1 aa 35x125 Tm:0 Orange, good tasting pepper. Xanthi F1 aa 40x145 Tm:0 Yellow. Various types Diomede F1 a 90x150 PVY:0/Tm:0 TSWV:0 Lamuyo, very good quality. Enea F1 New aa 60x200 Tm:0 TSWV:0 Corno di Toro type red. Excellent shape & shelflife. Teseo F1 aa 70x240 PVY:0/Tm:0 TSWV:0 Corno di Toro type red, large. Laerte F1 a 60x180 Tm:0 TSWV:0 Corno di Toro red winter type. Silyen F1 a 40x200 Tm:0 TSWV:0/Ma/ Mi/Mj Corno di Toro yellow. Belcanto F1 aa 50x150 Tm:0-3 Capia type, flexible plant. Rootstock Scarface F1 aa Tm:0 Ma/Mi/Mj Gives plants a lot of vigour and high yield. HR: High Resistance | IR: Intermediate Resistance. For an explanation of the resistance codes displayed please see page 2. 7

Lettuce Butterhead Lettuce Colour u=green v=red = Greenhouse = Open field North EU South EU Resistances Spring Summer Autumn Winter Spring Summer Autumn Winter Hr Ir Comments Analena u a a a aa Bl:16-25,27-32/Nr:0 LMV:1 Large frame, good field keepability, nice base. Donela u a a a a Bl:16-32/Nr:0 Mid sized. Flat base. Good field standing. Analora u aaa a Bl:16-32/Nr:0 LMV:1 Reliable and flexible. Anandra u aaa a a Bl:16-32/Nr:0 LMV:1 Large. Slow filling, so long harvest window. Sebastiano v aaa a Bl:16-27,29,32 Red Butterhead. Savoyed. E01D.30254 New v aaa Bl:16-32/Nr:0 LMV:1 Red butterhead smooth leaves. Brighton u a aa Bl:16-32 Large. Very nice shape, nice base, strong on tipburn. Espelo (E01B.30276) New u a Bl:16-32 Good volume and nice shape. Fakto u aa aa Bl:16-32 Blond, voluminous and healthy heads. Fairly u a a a a Bl:16-32/Nr:0 Large size and good weight. Strong on tipping. Iceberg Lettuce Acula u a Bl:16-27,29,32/Nr:0 LMV:1 Real winter variety, good at low light levels. Alcala u a Bl:16-27,29,32 Early autumn. Aureola New u a Bl:16-27,29,32/Nr:0 Good volume and field keepability. Botiola New u a Bl:16-27,29,32 Good volume and weight. Nice cover. Clarist u aa aa Bl:16-32/Nr:0/Pb Compact and fast. Nice shape. Eduardo New u aa Bl:16-32/Nr:0 Compact and flexibel. Etude u a a Bl:16-27,29,32 Early, medium sized with a round head, upright. Juanola u a Bl:16-27,29,32 Fernandola u a Bl:16-27,29,32 Medium to large size winter variety. Elmundo u a Bl:16-32/Nr:0 Compact, flat rips and controlled shape. Gemela New u a Bl:16-32/Nr:0 Good yield. Uniform. Oriola New u a Bl:16-27,29,32/Nr:0 Nice cover. Pikua u a Bl:16-27,29,32/Nr:0 Good volume, field keepability, strong on tipburn. Severo (E01E.10155) New u a a Bl:16-32/Nr:0 Large size fast variety. Slow bolting. Tesela u aa Bl:16-27,29,32 LMV:1 Large framed, nice clean bottom, easy to harvest. Vytalist u aa aa Bl:16-32/Nr:0/Pb Medium to large size. Long harvest window. Batavia Lettuce Open Nice dark green. Reliable. Good field standing ability. Voluminous, vigorous and upright. Good in cold conditions. Bovary u a a Bl:16-32/Nr:0 LMV:1/Fol:1 Olana u aaa aaa Bl:16-32/Nr:0 LMV:1 Flexibel. Good volume and uniformity. Ozeka (E01F.30352) New u a a Bl:16-32/Nr:0 LMV:1 Good volume and base. Small cutting surface. Flexila (E01F.30350) New u a Bl:16-32/Nr:0 LMV:1/Fol:1 Upright. Easy to cut. Fusarium tolerant. Maritima u aaa aaa Bl:16-28,30-32/Nr:0 LMV:1 Good volume, fast filling, nice green colour. Melina u aaa aa Bl:16-32/Nr:0 LMV:1 Very nice shape and beautiful green colour. Serrana New u a Bl:16-32/Nr:0 LMV:1 Dark green. Good base and volume. Kamalia v aaa aaa Bl:16,21,23,32 Nice red colour. Good volume. Ginko u a Bl:16-32 Grows well in old conditions. Strong against tipburn. Lonega u a Bl:16-32 Compact, well balanced and healthy base. Ferega u a Bl:16-32 Nice color and strong base. Good growth in cold. Zoraga (E01A.30410) New u a Bl:16-32 Well balanced. Reliable. Uniform. Batavia Lettuce Heading Grazer Krauthäuptel 2 u aaa Heritage from Austria, robust variety. Marcord u aaa Bl:16,21,23,32 Bremia. Elanda u aaa a a Bl:16-27,29,32 LMV:1 tipburn. Lioba v aaa aaa Bl:16-27,29,32 LMV:1 Maravilla de Verano Capora v aa aaa Classic type, long shelf life, good taste. HR: High Resistance | IR: Intermediate Resistance. For an explanation of the resistance codes displayed please see page 2. Classic heading type, strong tolerance to Classic heading type, strong on bolting and Dark red and large, upright growth, slow bolting. 9

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