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Vitalis Catalogue Nordic Baltic 2022

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Pepper Type Heated

Pepper Type Heated Nonheated Fruitsize (mm) Resistances Hr Ir Comments Blocky Red/Green Artega F1 a 70-75 Tm:0-2 Strong crop. Fast colouring, quality fruits. Bendigo F1 a 75-80 Tm:0 Easy grower in NW-Europe. For cold greenhouse. Maranello F1 a 85 Tm:0-2 Compact plant type. Easy setting. Blocky Orange Orbit F1 a 85-90 Tm:0-3 Early and high yielding variety. Firm, heavy fruits. Blocky Yellow Fiesta F1 a a 75-80 Tm:0-2 Regular setting, quality fruits. Gialte F1 a 80-85 Tm:0-3 Fast. High yield and excellent shelflife. Sweet Conical Alderney F1 a a 35x145 Tm:0-2 Guernsey F1 a a 35x145 Tm:0-2 Jersey F1 a a 45x190 Tm:0 Red conical with AFW of 100 - 110 gr. Quite strong plant. Orange. Remarkable flavour. Vigorous, open and quite compact plant. Yellow fruits with consistent quality and size. Brix 8.5. HR: High Resistance | IR: Intermediate Resistance. For an explanation of the resistance codes displayed please see page 11.

Lettuce Colour u=green v=red = Greenhouse = Open field Season Spring Summer Autumn Winter Resistances Hr Ir Comments Butterhead Lettuce Aferdita New u a a Bl:16-37EU/Nr:0 LMV:1 Sinisa New u a a Bl:16-37EU/Nr:0 LMV:1 Casey u a a a Bl: 16-37EU/Nr:0/Pb Medium-large sized, good field holding ability, nice shiny dark outher leaves. Medium sized red Butterhead. Nice, shiny red colour. Strong against bolting and internal tipburn. Medium sized. Flat, clean and nicely closed base. Suited for hydroponic. Iceberg Lettuce Philemo New u a a Bl:16-37EU/Nr:0 Eduardo u a a Bl:16-37EU/Nr:0/Pb Danilo u a Bl: 16-37EU/Nr:0 Rodolfo u a a Bl:16-37EU/Nr:0/Pb Salvio u a a Bl: 16-37EU/Nr:0/Pb Medium large size for summer and autumn crops. Easy to harvest, strong against tipburn. Reliable late spring until late autumn, proved itself during cold summer. Slow filling Elmundo type. Nice layering and small cut surface. Good on sandy soils. New variety for the early protected spring crops, that can also handle warmer spring conditions. Medium large variety with good fieldholding ability. Slow bolting and strong against tipburn. Batavia Lettuce Open Olana u a a a Bl:16-36EU/Nr:0 LMV:1 Good colour, volume and weight. Wide window use. Ozeka u a a a Bl: 16-36EU/Nr:0 LMV:1 Lioba v a a a Bl: 16-27,29,32,34,36EU LMV:1 Romaine Lettuce Adicamp (E01G.70236) New u a a a Bl:16, 18-37EU/Nr:0/Pb Ss Jara u a a a Bl: 16-36EU/Nr:0/Fol:1,4 Airton u a a a Bl:16-36EU/Nr:0 Shiny green, course leaves, strong against yellowing. Strong base with small cutting surface. Red Batavia with upright planttype and good bolting tolerance. New midi Romaine offering a dark green colour; upright growth and shape. Very strong against internal tipburn, and easy to harvest. Very upright midi romaine with well closed top. Strong against tipburn. Midi cos with good ITB tolerance, a nice heart, perfect internal quality, good performance under heat stress. HR: High Resistance | IR: Intermediate Resistance. For an explanation of the resistance codes displayed please see page 11.

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