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Pumpkin The pumpkin, a

Pumpkin The pumpkin, a member of the Cucurbitaceae family, has a prominent role in Asian cuisine. This is especially true of smooth, flat pumpkins and Chinese bottle gourds, which are very popular: tonnes of seeds of both types are sold every year. Ruud Berkvens, Area Manager South East Asia at Enza Zaden, says, "The flesh absolutely has to have a dark orange colour, but if you want to truly stand out in the market, you need a sweet pumpkin on a strong plant. In South East Asia, people like to eat sweet things, and it's not unusual to find pumpkins with a high brix level. But what is most important is that the pumpkins are adapted to the tropical growing conditions. It's particularly important that they be highly resistant to certain viruses and fungi. These diseases are a big problem in the hot and humid weather of South East Asia." Graham Dyche Senior Breeder Pumpkin Australia 96 | Enza Zaden

Pumpkin Grey Sampson Sampson has a vigorous growing vine. The fruits are grey in colour, heavy and dense. Sampson gives good fruit set and has a high yield potential. The fruits have concave tops, thick shoulders and weigh on average 5-7 kilos. They are slightly ribbed with a small, neat blossom end. Internal quality is exceptional. Sampson has dark orange flesh and a very small seed cavity, ideal for cut fruit sales. Good storage ability. Butternut Matilda Matilda is a Butternut type with an exceptional fruit size of typically 4 kg and more. The skin is a rich butternut brown with a rippled texture. The fruit shape is rectangular blocky with a slight waist. Surprisingly for such a large fruited variety, Matilda is medium-early and the plants are well balanced resulting in a very high yield. It can be grown in a wide range of conditions. Sampson Matilda Enza Zaden | 97

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