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Melon The overall melon

Melon The overall melon market is very large. Actually, melons are grown outdoors everywhere in the world where it is hotter than 25°C. In less hot areas melons are grown in tunnels or greenhouses, in which the optimum temperature can be created. The tunnels and greenhouses are also used to lengthen the cultivation season; melons grown in tunnels are available at an earlier stage in the season. Melon Many countries and regions produce their own local types and varieties, a large proportion of which are still open pollinated. Examples of such countries and Nam quae pernatem quate aut qui oditatat regions are the Middle East, Uzbekistan, min cus esciate moluptas aut verum ut fuga. Iraq, Pakistan, China and North Africa. Until a Iqui ad maxim quaestis eius is re optas est few years ago those markets were still dominated fugiam comnimuscia derum quia volupta tassimet by local varieties without resistances, for example volessi beatin porpori ommos natur, ut ut demquaes the Ananas type of melon in the Middle East and the exerepe num reriat veliquam velitiunt ut essim Turkish Kirkagaç district. Nowadays there are varieties haruntibusam nis aute cones sundaer ehenes serae la with good resistances and high yields. as a sum re esse eum earum quam imusciur aut qui offictu sdaectianda volo exerit vitature dolorporero in Enza Zaden breeds mostly melon types that are largely con repta sunt vit rent porerio nsenistore volestis quias intended for export, such as Galia, Piel de Sapo, demped eos nesequature ea con niet at. Charentais and Cantaloupe melons. These types are Icit offictem re vendus, atus archic tesse nihilit grown in Southern Europe and in South and Central iunditintore si ut idellant alitia porupta sperumquatet America for export to Spain, Northwest Europe and the volestotatur ad unt occumquiae reictiisse nobitas USA. We have an active breeding programme for these nosam facestotaque sit pelias qui aut ut underferum types, and also many commercial varieties. Our melon accus eum dunt, non porecerio que exerro idit labor sit breeding activities focus on strong plants with good ut eaqui reium istium dolestiunt lia consed quiandipis resistances and high yields, and above all also melons minveni hillaut at. with a good flavour and taste. Our aim is to develop At fugit dolut od quiam sincti aut quia quiassi tempora consistent varieties for growers, but also for the further di aut volut arunto experovidus nonsequid mo dolupta links in the chain. Another important criterion for the velia secearia dit eatur sernati onsequundae. Nam ex entire chain besides flavour is keeping quality. eaquia simillent quam a vid que nihillo rissitem Dalila Lopez Breeder Melon Spain 90 | Enza Zaden

Melon Ananas Ahlam Ahlam is a strong growing Ananas type melon hybrid with an excellent field standing ability, and is early into production. The fruits are large, averagely 3 kilos in size, and very uniform. The netting is excellent, very uniform and gives the fruit a remarkable outside appearance. The fruit flesh is white in colour, very juicy and has an elevated sugar content level. Ahlam is widely used by many growers around the world, all of whom are looking for a reliable variety which produces consistently top quality melons for the market. Galia Sephia Sephia is one of our new Galia type melon hybrids particularly recommended for open field production in the Middle East. A strong growing plant, early into production and with a very good resistance package. The fruits are very uniform in size and shape, medium sized and very suitable for the local market as well as for shipping. The external appearance is very attractive. Sephia produces prolifically fruits with a small seed cavity and extended shelf life. Ahlam Sephia Enza Zaden | 91

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