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Eggplant In eggplant

Eggplant In eggplant production, Enza Zaden focuses on long, half-long and oval fruit types with a black fruit colour and a green calyx. Professional growers are our main target market. In the eggplant market, we excel in fruit quality, strong calyxes, fruit firmness, shelf life, and a dark, attractive fruit colour. Focus in our research is on yield, quality and uniformity. Growers worldwide need high yielding varieties to be able to optimise the profit of their crops. Growing eggplant is quite a specialist activity. Although in itself it is not a difficult crop to grow, it does however require knowledge and understanding of the modern varieties available. Eggplant is grown largely in the Mediterranean markets, through the winter under non-heated protected conditions, and also quite widely in the open field during the summer months. Henri Groot Supervisor Greenhouses The Netherlands 82 | Enza Zaden

Eggplant Oval Velia Velia is a new, extremely high yielding eggplant hybrid from Enza Zaden. The fruits are large and oval in shape, very firm and heavy with an excellent consistency. The plant is strong growing, open and quite vigorous, setting fruits well even under adverse conditions. Velia is recommended for growing in non-heated greenhouses in most Mediterranean markets. Half-long Bartok Bartok is an extremely productive half-long tear drop shaped fruit recommended for heated and non-heated greenhouse production. Bartok carries a high fruit load throughout the long cycle production season. The open plant habit and steady growing power of the plant makes fruit setting easy and presentation for harvest ideal. The fruits are heavy and not susceptible to rotting, even towards the end of the season in the autumn. A top hybrid for the professional greenhouse grower. Velia Bartok Enza Zaden | 83

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