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Variety Cultivation

Variety Cultivation Vigour Maturity Fruit Resistances Remarks Spring Summer Autumn Winter Length (cm) Shape HR IR Slicer Alcazar x Strong Medium 19-21 Ccu Px/CVYV Corinto x x Strong Early 20-25 Px/CMV/CVYV Ekron x x Strong Medium 20-22 Ccu Px/CMV/CVYV Enki x x x Medium Medium 20-22 Px/CMV/CVYV Incas x x x Medium Medium 18-20 Ccu Px/CMV/CVYV Macario x x Strong Medium 16-18 Ccu Px/CMV/CVYV Strong growing winter variety. High yield. Long, dark green uniform fruits. Very productive. Widely adaptable. High quality, dark green fruits. Well balanced plant growth. Regular production of firm, quality fruits. Very flexible hybrid. Compact plant, generative side shoots. Attractive, cylindical fruits. High yielding hybrid. Good resistance package. Widely adaptable. Vigorous, open plant. Attractive dark green fruits. Extended shelf life. Menfis x x x Medium Early 18-22 Paraiso x x x Strong Medium 20-22 Px/CMV/CVYV/ CYSDV/ZYMV Px/CMV/CVYV/ CYSDV Highly resistant hybrid. Very flexible variety. Compact but open plant. Excellent fruit quality. Well balanced, strong growing plant. Pontia x x x Strong Medium 22-24 Cca/ccu CMV/CVYV Very dark green fruits. Good side-shoot production. A well-known hybrid. Sargon x x Medium Medium 19-21 Ccu HR: High Resistance | IR: Intermediate Resistance | For explanation of the codes of resistances, see page 166. Current information concerning the resistances is available on Px/CMV/CVYV/ ZYMV Quite strong growing plant, few side shoots. Very productive. High quality fruits. 76 | Enza Zaden

Cucumber Slicer Corinto Corinto is a very flexible slicer type hybrid from Enza Zaden, suitable for production in both non-heated greenhouses and open field. Corinto is recommended for spring, summer and autumn crops. The plant is fast growing and quite generative which sets fruits easily. The fruits are averagely 20-22 cm in length and uniformly coloured: dark shiny green. The fruits have an excellent shelf life. Corinto is successful in many markets and is a reliable variety for the professional grower. Paraiso Paraiso leads the markets in all autumn, winter and spring crops in non-heated greenhouse production regimes. The fruits are quite long, averagely 22-24 cm in length and uniformly coloured: very dark green with few spines. The fruits have an excellent quality and shelf life. Paraiso sets fruits regularly and consistently throughout the production period giving an enormous final yield. Paraiso is grown widely around the world, and is particularly appreciated for its attractive fruits and keeping qualities. Corinto Enza Zaden | 77

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