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Variety Cultivation

Variety Cultivation Maturity Fruit Resistances Remarks Heated greenhouse Non-heated greenhouse Open field Shape Diameter (mm) HR IR Blocky white Bianca x x x Early 80-85 Tm:0 Very early into production. Beautiful firm white blocky fruits. Irene x x Mediumearly 85-95 Xcv:1-3/Tm:0 TSWV:0 New hybrid with vigorous plant and good leaf cover. Especially for open field production. Milica x x Early 85-95 Tm:0-2 Very productive. Somewhat longer blocky fruit. Vedrana x x Early 85-95 Tm:0-2 Standard variety in many markets. Very uniform blocky fruits, slightly darker white/light green in colour. White/light green conical Editta x x x Early 50-60 x 150-160 Xcv:1-3/Tm:0-2 Fast fruit development. Matures to deep red colour. Lotta x x Early 70 x 130-140 Xcv:1-3/Tm:0-2 Lastochka type light green conical. Very high early and total yield. Superb fruit quality. Nemezis x x Early 60-70 x 160-170 Tm:0-2 Large sized, beautiful white coloured fruit. Productive. Skytia x x Early 60-70 x 170-180 Tm:0-2 Reliable variety. Excellent export fruit quality. Good winter production. HR: High Resistance | IR: Intermediate Resistance | For explanation of the codes of resistances, see page 166. Current information concerning the resistances is available on 58 | Enza Zaden

Pepper Blocky white Vedrana Vedrana is a white blocky pepper recommended for cultivation in non-heated greenhouses, plastic tunnels and also in the open field. The fruit colour is slightly darker green than the standard green/ white blocky type, but is equally attractive. The large sized fruits have an excellent quality and are uniform and very suitable for shipping long distances. Vedrana’s growth, endurance and fruit setting are excellent which makes the variety particularly suited for all cultivations areas. White/light green conical Lotta Greenish conical pepper (Lastochka type) with medium-strong/semi-open plant. Very high early yield and continuous setting. Very productive variety with good performance in both tunnel and open field cultivation sytems. Matures to deep-red colour, excellent fruit quality, thick fruit wall. Traditional type for Eastern Europe. Vedrana Nemezis Nemezis is a white conical pepper suitable for spring and summer cultivation in non-heated greenhouses and plastic tunnels. It is very early and has an excellent total yield. The fruits are large and very attractive white in colour, a variety recommended for the exporters. Plant endurance and fruit setting are excellent making the Nemezis a top variety in its particular segment. Lotta Enza Zaden | 59

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