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Variety Cultivation

Variety Cultivation Maturity Fruit Resistances Remarks Non-heated greenhouse Open field Shape Diameter (mm) HR IR Lamuyo Green/Red Arcade x Early 60-70 x 130-150 PepMoV/PVY:0-2/ Tm:0 Smaller type for open field. Good setting in many growing conditions. Atol x x Early 90-100 x 150-160 Tm:0 Main standard Enza Zaden hybrid. Performs well in cooler conditions. Dallas x x Early 90-100 x 150-170 Tm:0 Early, high yield and easy setting under hot conditions. Lucumone x x Early 80 x 120 Tm:0-3 TSWV:0 Compact, open plant, easy setting. Especially for spring and autumn crops. Mirador x Medium-early 100-110 x 150-160 Tm:0-3 TSWV:0 Very good setting in low light conditions. Maintains large size and superb fruit quality all season long. Robur x Medium-early Tejas x Early 100-110 x 150-170 100-120 x 150-170 Tm:0-3 TSWV:0 Large fruits, excellent quality. Tm:0-3 TSWV:0 Early maturing variety with large, very firm fruits. Tijuana x Medium-early 100-110 x 160-180 Tm:0-3 TSWV:0 Very productive and large fruit size. The new standard lamuyo for production cycles through the winter Tinsena x Medium-early 100-110 x 160-180 Tm:0-3 TSWV:0 New large sized lamuyo hybrid with easy setting in hot conditions. HR: High Resistance | IR: Intermediate Resistance | For explanation of the codes of resistances, see page 166. Current information concerning the resistances is available on 54 | Enza Zaden

Pepper Lamuyo Mirador Mirador is a very large fruiting red maturing Lamuyo type hybrid particularly recommended for spring production in non-heated greenhouses in the Mediterranean markets. The plant habit is strong growing and open, and the leaf cover is good. Mirador produces prolifically large, dark shiny red fruits with an excellent shape and consistency, maintaining size throughout the length of the whole production cycle. Tijuana Tijuana is a new red maturing Lamuyo pepper variety for autumn and winter cultivations in greenhouses in Southern Europe. The plant habit is strong but quite open allowing excellent fruit set. Tijuana produces large sized uniform fruits. Tijuana sets fruits easily and grows particularly well from hot to cold seasons. Tinsena Tinsena is a large sized red ripening Lamuyo type pepper recommended for winter production in nonheated greenhouses in the main Mediterranean markets. Tinsena has a strong, compact plant habit with good leaf cover for the maturing fruits, it sets fruit well even in hot conditions. The fruits have an excellent uniform shape and a beautiful deep shiny red colour at full maturity and dark red colour. Enza Zaden | 55

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