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Variety Maturity Fruit

Variety Maturity Fruit Resistances Remarks Shape Diameter (mm) HR IR Blocky green - red and green - yellow open field Abay Early 95-105 Xcv:1-5/Tm:0 Excellent fruit quality, shiny dark yellow mature colour, nice blocky shape. Almirante Early 90-100 Xcv:1-3/PepMoV/PVY:0-1/ Tm:0 TEV Strong vigorous plant with excellent leaf cover and very good setting ability. Bunker Medium-early 90-100 Xcv:1-3,5/PepMoV/PVY:0-1/ Tm:0 TEV High yielding variety with remarkable fruit quality. Clair Early 95-105 Tm:0/Xcv:1-3 TSWV:P0/PVY:0/TEV Highly resistant, very productive field pepper. Both for green and red harvest. Dashen Medium-early 95-105 Xcv:1-5/Tm:0 TSWV:0 Nice large sized blocky fruits. High yield. Gambler Early 90-100 PVY:0-1/Tm:0 TEV Early setting, good leaf cover, uniform fruits. Very productive. Mildred Medium-early 95-105 Xcv:1-3/PepMoV/PVY:0-2/ Tm:0-2 TSWV:0 Large sized fruits of very good quality and firmness. Attractive resistance package. Orion Medium-early 90-100 Xcv:1-3,5/Tm:0 Good leaf cover. Firm, thick-walled blocky fruits. Procraft Early 95-105 Xcv:1-3/PVY:0-1/Tm:0 TSWV:0/TEV New hybrid with vigorous plant and excellent setting in hot conditions. Beautiful smooth mature red colouring. Zothero Early 90-100 Xcv:1-3/PepMoV/PVY:0-1/ Tm:0 TEV Sets well in hot and cooler conditions. Attractive intense dark green fruit colour. HR: High Resistance | IR: Intermediate Resistance | For explanation of the codes of resistances, see page 166. Current information concerning the resistances is available on 52 | Enza Zaden

Pepper Blocky open field Clair Clair is a very productive open field red ripening large sized blocky pepper giving an exceptional yield of very high quality firm fruits. The strong growing bushy plant gives good sun protection to the developing fruits. Clair can be grown well up short stakes, which makes harvesting easier. Clair has a good disease resistance pattern and has shown to perform well under a wide range of growing conditions. Mildred An important member of our open field pepper team, Mildred produces very large and uniform yellow maturing blocky peppers. It can also be quite easily harvested at the green stage. The fruits are firm and thick walled giving a high kilo return in most growing systems. The strong growing plant gives good leaf coverage, protecting the fruits well from excessive sun scorch. Mildred has an attractive package of resistances. Zothero A new, early all-round variety recommended for all open field crops. The large sized, dark green fruits are very uniform in shape and thick walled. Zothero has an extremely interesting resistance package making it a winner for many growers. The plant is strong growing but quite compact, producing fruits steadily throughout a long growing season. Mildred Enza Zaden | 53

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