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Pepper At the moment,

Pepper At the moment, ninety percent of Enza Zaden’s pepper breeding activities focus on the following varieties: • Blocky types: blocky peppers are available in different colours. The green, red, orange and yellow fruits are mainly known in the western world, whereas white peppers, for example, are popular in Eastern Europe. • Lamuyo peppers: this type is mainly popular in the Mediterranean Region and in Central and South America. For the latter area, open field varieties are being developed. • Turkish peppers: these varieties are developed to be grown under protected cultivation in Turkey. • Cone-shaped peppers: these varieties are developed to be grown under protected cultivation in Spain and Italy. • Hot Peppers: the hot pepper breeding programme is a rapidly developing programme that focuses on two markets: Mexico (Jalapeno and Ancho peppers) and varieties used in Middle East markets. Enza Zaden’s breeding activities in The Netherlands focus on heated glasshouse crops, in Spain the main markets are for non-heated protected cultivation varieties. Breeding in peppers is a global activity, combining technical and research input from The Netherlands, Spain and America. Open field peppers are bred in California and Florida for use in the USA and Mexican markets as well as many other open field markets worldwide. Young Han Distributor Korea 46 | Enza Zaden

Pepper Blocky red Artega Artega combines high production with outstanding fruit quality. A new hybrid recommended for production in non-heated greenhouses under a wide range of production seasons. The fruits are very uniform in shape, heavy and firm, colouring green to red at full maturity. The plant habit is strong growing and open. Artega is a leading variety producing export quality peppers. Maranello Maranello is the leader variety in its segment in the heated greenhouse market in The Netherlands. Maranello is an extremely high yielding variety producing large blocky fruits which mature quickly from green to an attractive red colour. The excellent setting ability combined with the open plant habit makes harvesting very easy. Maranello is the professional grower’s variety of today. Relampago Relampago is a top quality hybrid recommended for production in all non-heated greenhouse crops. The plant is strong growing making fruit set easy and uniform. Relampago is a high yielding variety, producing very uniform large fruits which mature from green to a very attractive deep red colour. It has a very good virus resistance package. Artega Blocky green Sweet 46 Sweet 46 has very attractive large dark shiny green blocky fruits at the immature stage. At maturity the fruits remain green and are very sweet. Very suitable for use in traffic light packs where a green fruit which stays green is needed. It is recommended for production in non-heated greenhouses. The strong growing plant produces regularly up the plant; the total yield is very high. A unique variety bred for the specialist grower. Maranello Sweet 46 Enza Zaden | 47

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