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Tomato Enza Zaden has a

Tomato Enza Zaden has a very wide range of tomato varieties, from large beef tomatoes to tasty vine tomatoes (truss tomatoes) and from baby plum tomatoes to pink tomatoes for the Asian market. Enza Zaden develops varieties that are in line with market demands. In 1995, Campari was the first vine tomato variety with a delicious sweet taste. This variety is available under the brand name Tasty Tom in the Netherlands, and is called Campari in the USA. Sunstream was the first baby plum tomato available for harvesting both as loose tomatoes and as tomatoes on the vine. The Asian market has a specific demand for pink tomatoes. This is an interesting development for Enza Zaden, particularly since the gene that determines this colour has been identified, and the first commercial variety has been introduced. On a worldwide level, the tomato is the most important vegetable product on the market, and in China, the pink beef tomato is by far the dominant variety sold. Lola Garcia Senior Breeder Tomato Spain 26 | Enza Zaden

Tomato Indeterminate large beef Belfast Belfast is a remarkably early tomato variety suitable for short cropping in non-heated greenhouses. The first trusses mature early and bear very large beef size fruits on average 220 grams in size and larger. The indeterminate plant has a vigorous growth habit which makes Belfast a highly recommended variety for spring cultivation. The fruits are round in shape, uniform in size, firm and have a very high quality. Belfast is a professional grower’s choice. Belle Belle is the worldwide standard for the cultivation of beef tomatoes in non-heated conditions. Its quality and reliability is recognized by many growers, shippers and consumers. Belle is widely adaptable, performing well in greenhouses, tunnels and under nets. The plant growth is compact, quite open and easy to work in. A strong feature is the regular fruit setting and development. Belle is quite early into production and is a steady producer of high quality beef tomatoes. Belfast Berberana Berberana is a very large beef tomato variety, fruit size 280 grams and above, with the ability to adapt to grow successfully in a wide range of different conditions and seasons. Berberana is suitable for both non-heated greenhouse and open field cultivation. Trusses form easily up the plant and fruit setting is good, giving altogether an excellent total yield. Many growers plant Berberana because of its flexibility and consistency in performance, as well as its good disease resistance pattern. Buran Buran is a new indeterminate beef tomato hybrid to enter the Enza Zaden portfolio. Large fruiting, high yielding and flexible, Buran has made a mark for itself in many different markets. A variety considered as one of our best large fruiting beef tomato hybrids for extended distance shipping. Buran is recommended for cultivation in non-heated greenhouses. Belle Berberana Enza Zaden | 27

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