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22 | Enza

22 | Enza Zaden

the journey of the seed Upgrading our seed Certain after-treatments can boost the quality and reliability of some types of seed. For example we pellet very small seeds to give them more body. This involves coating each seed with a thin layer of clay, which makes the seed easier to sow. The clay moreover contains nutrients for the first phase of the seedlings’ development, and products to protect them against pathogens in that vulnerable early phase. Good Seed and Plant Practices Healthy seed and healthy plants give growers greater security. It was for that very reason that an international system was introduced specifically for reducing the risk of infection of tomato seeds and tomato plants: Good Seed and Plant Practices (GSPP). We are proud that all our seed production stations are accredited under this quality mark. Our global production stations Tanzania We have an ideally located production station in Tanzania. The constant climate in that area enables us to produce seed of fruity crops all year-round. Also timely seed production enables us to quickly introduce new varieties. This is of crucial importance in the dynamic vegetable seed market. South Africa and Argentina From our locations in Oudtshoorn and Mendoza we coordinate our increasing seed production activities (mainly open field crops) respectively in South Africa and Argentina. Enza Zaden | 23

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