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16 | Enza

16 | Enza Zaden

the journey of the seed Creative and innovative breeding Our Research & Development (R&D) department is the heart of our company. It is the source of our innovative varieties and the hub of our breeding efforts. The combination of creativity, expertise and many years’ experience in breeding programmes is our greatest strength. We invest more than 30% of our turnover in innovation, in research and also in the development of our employees’ knowledge. This enables us to continuously develop top-quality vegetable varieties that are reliable and offer security, anywhere in the world. We have closely linked R&D units all over the world. So we are able to quickly exchange specific knowhow in order to arrive at new or improved varieties. But there is another great advantage to having such local branches: we are right in the middle of local markets and are therefore familiar with all the specific climatic and cultivation requirements of a certain country or region, and with the local markets’ needs and wishes. We still use traditional breeding methods, but we combine our expertise and creativity with modern, highly advanced technology to make our breeding processes a lot faster and more efficient. Enza Zaden | 17

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