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Bittergourd Tropical

Bittergourd Tropical Range Borsato Light green, cylindrical bittergourd with a blunt end and flat shoulder. Typical Thailand type. Semi-smooth type, low density of warts. Fruit weight around 300 grams. Recommended for low- to midland production. Borsato sets numerous fruits over a long period. Taksim Long, fully warted bittergourd. Medium green color, most preferred color by consumer. Average fruit weight over 400 grams. Very productive plant, high disease tolerance. Taksim is the most early maturing bittergourd in our range. Bernina White type or Indian bittergourd. Long pointed fruits with a high wart density. Nice shiny fruits with a weight of 330 gram. Good firmness and shelf life. Bernina sets numerous fruits on one plant. Borsato Watermelon Pukaki High round striped or Dragon type watermelon. Lighter green skin with dark stripes. Deep red flesh and strong against cracking. First fruits harvested at 12 kg each. Easy fruit setting in lowland conditions. Tekapo Triploid, seedless watermelon. Rounded, uniform fruit with a dark green stripe and dark colored skin. Vigorous, fast growing plant for lowland production. Tekapo works well in diverse soil types. Consistent in taste and fruit size. Tekapo 164 | Enza Zaden

Pumpkin Tropical Range PU 001 Flat, smooth type pumpkin. Dark green colored when harvested, coloring to brown when mature. Weight of 5-6 kg per fruit. This pumpkin is outstanding in multiple ways; 10 days earlier maturity than the standard, higher fruit set per plant, heavier fruits with longer storability and high virus tolerance. Best performance under real tropical conditions from lowland to highland. Enza Zaden | 165

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