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Tropical Range Bitter

Tropical Range Bitter tasting, smooth green gourds. Small red chillies that grow straight upwards. In many markets such products would be remarkable, but in Southeast Asia it's just business as usual. Breeders make sure that varieties' characteristics match the needs of a particular country or region. This means paying attention to cultivation techniques, climate conditions, resistance to local diseases, and the wishes of local consumers. For Southeast Asia – a region that stretches from India to the Philippines – this is quite a challenge. More and more growers in this region are switching from open pollinated varieties to value added hybrids. This is a growing market, where cultivation primarily takes place in the open field, in climates ranging from subtropical to tropical. But it is also a market in which the specific eating habits demand a slightly different type of product from that seen in other markets. In other words, the products are local, with improved characteristics in tune with a rapidly growing market. Therefore Enza Zaden has developed its own Asian product range. Jigin Fu Breeder Pumpkin/Bittergourd China 160 | Enza Zaden

Tomato Tropical Range Topinas Indeterminate plum tomato for production in the highlands, strong against bacterial wilt, for direct soil planting. Topinas is easy to grow, excellent farmers variety. Early harvest at 78 days after transplanting. Large sized, oval shaped fruits, reaching up to 140 grams. The most preferred variety for the shipping ability and shelf life. Centaurus Determinate plum tomato for low- and mid-land production. High bacterial wilt resistance level and good setting under high temperatures. Fruit size between 90 and 100 gram. Large clusters with more elongated and firm tomatoes. Highly productive variety due to continuous setting up to the top of the plant. Centaurus Enza Zaden | 161

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