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Celeriac Goliath Goliath

Celeriac Goliath Goliath has a round bulb with deeply seated roots which makes harvesting and cleaning easy. The flesh is very firm and is white after processing. Goliath has a medium upright leaf and is strong against Septoria. Due to the high bolting tolerance and very high yield potential, Goliath is ideally suited for the fresh market, beginning with early bunching and followed by autumn and storage crops. Goliath has excellent internal qualities, fulfilling very well the high criteria of the processing industry. Goliath Variety Fresh market Industry Remarks Ibis x x Fresh green, medium long, upright foliage and round, smooth, easy to clean bulbs with very good internal quality. Bolting resistant. Strong against Septoria. Goliath x x Healthy and productive variety with round, easy to harvest, firm bulbs. Excellent internal quality. Bolting resistant. Kojak x High yielding variety with outstanding bulb quality. Strong, dark green, upright foliage. Very strong against bolting, thereby specifically recommended for early production of young celery bundles. 158 | Enza Zaden

Celery Sienna Sienna is a celery selection which is a slightly more compact Tango type and has very attractive dark green upright leaves. The stems are smooth and very fleshy. Sienna is strong against bolting and tipburn. Sienna is a main season variety for the professional grower, easy to clean and packs well into the presentation boxes. Celery Broccoli Corato Corato is a new broccoli hybrid which produces large heads, dark green in colour and whith tight lobes. The plant grows strongly and produces heads already after 70-72 days from sowing. Corato performs well even under hot conditions keeping an attractive floret structure with good market presentation. Recommended for main season cropping in the major broccoli growing regions. Corato Enza Zaden | 159

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