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Radicchio Giove Giove is

Radicchio Giove Giove is an upright Treviso type radicchio hybrid particularly recommended for early covered cropping or later in the open field. Harvesting usually begins in April/May, the maturity cycle is 80-90 days from transplantation and can go on through the summer in cooler areas and until early autumn. The plant is strong with bright green outer leaves and a heart which can easily mature to 22-23 cm high, with very attractive contrasting red-white colour at maturity. Giove cups easily and has a very high weight potential. Variety Harvest period Length Remarks Spring Summer Autumn Winter cm Radicchio Trevizo type Giove x (x) x 22-23 High yielding long radicchio for early crop with good bolting resistance and excellent inner leaf filling and colour. Ercole x x 18-20 Very uniform, shiny, dark red Treviso type with fine rib for early spring and autumn harvest. 156 | Enza Zaden

Fennel Preludio Preludio is an excellent new hybrid from Enza Zaden recommended for spring and early summer harvest. It is very strong against early cold bolting. In higher, more mountainous and cooler regions it can be successfully harvested into summer and even early autumn. Preludio reaches maturity in 65-75 days from transplantation. The plant is compact and the stems are very upright and show no signs of hollowness. The mature fennel has a very uniform round section with a bright white colour and is smooth. Preludio has a very high total yield of extremely uniform and highly marketable bulbs. Variety Cultivation period Maturity Remarks Spring Summer Autumn Winter Days Preludio x x 65-75 Capriccio x x 100-110 Genesi x x 120-130 Compact plant with upright stems. Heavy, very white, round bulb with small cutting surface, excellent internal quality. Good bolting resistance and field standing ability. Round, smooth, firm bulb with no sponginess. Vigorous, upright growing plant, strong against Passalora punctum. Very good cold tolerance and medium heat tolerance. Suitable for direct sowing. New variety for winter harvest in South Europe. Very good cold tolerance. Upright plant with good regrowth ability after winter. Round, white bulb with small cutting surface. Enza Zaden | 157

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