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Kohlrabi Variety Harvest

Kohlrabi Variety Harvest period Remarks Spring Summer Autumn Winter Littorio x Very uniform variety with excellent leaf characteristics. Flatround white bulbs. Octave x x Semi-upright, very sturdy plants with large leaves, grows well in hot conditions. White to slightly greenish bulb colour. Opimes x x Very early hybrid recommended for protected cropping in spring and winter and open field. Opus x x x Very uniform hybrid for protected and open field crops. Easy harvest, excellent product quality and nice presentation. Romolo x Fast growing variety for winter greenhouse crops. White bulb and sturdy foliage. Sunvit x x Variety for summer crops with white bulb, very erect leaves and good heat tolerance. Solares (E 54.0868) x x New summer hybrid with very erect, sturdy foliage and uniform, semi-flat round, white bulbs. Avaya (E 54.10880) x x Medium fast growing summer kohlrabi with broad harvest window. Strong against peronospora. 154 | Enza Zaden

Leek Chinook (E65A.10078) Chinook is a very uniform summer leek hybrid. The maturity is 90-100 days from sowing. Chinook is very strong against bolting and grows very quickly even under cold conditions. The shafts are long, very straight and uniform. Chinook is a very high yielding leek hybrid which fits well into any professional leek growers’ programme. Navajo Navajo is a superb uniform winter (overwintering type) leek hybrid. The shafts are long, extremely dark blue and peel very easily. The total yield is very high for Navajo. A must for the winter crop in any professional leek growers planting programme, Navajo will give the desired results. Variety Growing period Harvest period Remarks Days Spring Summer Autumn Winter Chinook (E65A.10078) 90-100 x x Uniform, bolting resistant variety with long white shank. Cleans well. Fast growth in cool conditions and high yield potential. E70.0763 95-110 x Previta 95-110 x x Julita 100-115 x x Gevaria 120-125 x Navajo 180-250 x New flexible and bolt tolerant variety for spring crop in Southern countries. White long shank and good weight. For fresh market, pre-pack and processing. Fast and upright growing hybrid for spring cultivation with long shank, dark green leaves and excellent production potential. Strong against bolting. Easy to clean. Fast growing industrial hybrid. Long firm shanks and easy peeling. Suitable for direct sowing and machine harvest. New very productive variety for harvest from beginning of August till end November. Suitable for direct sowing and industrial processing. New winter variety. Upright growth, long shaft and dark blue-green leaf colour in combination with high production and easy cleaning properties. Enza Zaden | 155

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