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Variety Cropping

Variety Cropping Cultivation period Remarks Protected Open field Spring Summer Autumn Winter Red round Celesta x x x x x Brava x x x x Escala x x x Estella x x x x Excellent quality and reliability. Very uniform round bulbs, bright red bulb colour, very good internal quality. Strong against Peronospora on bulbs and foliage. Early, uniform, fast growing hybrid with round bulbs. Very dark green upright foliage, nice red bulb colour. Very fine roots, good leaf attachment (for mechanical harvest). Uniform variety for openfield crops. Round and bright red bulbs have good internal quality, are cracking tolerant and strong against peronospora. Strong, dark green foliage for manual and mechanical harvest. Especially recommended for bunching and processing. Round bulb shape and robust, compact foliage. Suitable for machine harvest. Medium Fusarium resistance. For spring to autumn open field crops. Lucia x x x Spring and autumn variety for North Europe open field crops. Excellent internal structure. Rudi x x x x Standard variety for open field crops in many professional radish production areas. Tarzan x x x Fast growing variety for protected winter and spring crops. Uniform, high quality bulbs. Vienna x x x x Excellent internal quality, for processing and fresh maket. Vienna can grow up to 50 mm in diameter retaining very good internal quality. 152 | Enza Zaden

Radish Variety Cropping Cultivation period Remarks Protected Open field Spring Summer Autumn Winter White round Pearl x x x Enza Zaden's first white round Radish for processing and bunching. Eyecatcher in red/white radish mixes. French breakfast Mistral x x x x Criador x x x x x Uniform, medium long red bulbs with a nice white tip for manual and mechanical harvest. For open field crops in real summer conditions. Very uniform cylindrical bulbs with good red/white transition. Compact foliage with strong attachment for machine harvest. Superb internal quality. Enza Zaden | 153

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