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Radish Radish is grown

Radish Radish is grown worldwide and in various ways, such as open field, tunnel or glasshouse cultivation. This vegetable is harvested mechanically as well as by hand and it is marketed in bunches, without leaves or even already processed in bags. Enza Zaden focuses mainly on the red round type for the open field and protected cultivation. More than 25 years of experience in radish breeding led to top sellers like the F1 hybrid Celesta. The success of this variety is mainly based on its high resistance to Peronospora, which means a better shelf-life and a more reliable cultivation. It’s a very flexible variety as well, grown from Russia to Canada and from Scandinavia to Morocco. In emerging markets like Eastern Europe, high value F1 hybrids have also become more common in the past years, thanks to their high productivity and reliability. Enza Zaden also works on Fusarium resistant varieties, which is a great added value in glasshouse productions. Peronospora resistance remains a critical spearhead as the most important radish markets for Enza Zaden grow their product in open field. Rudi Jock Portfolio Manager Radish Germany 150 | Enza Zaden

Radish Red round Celesta An excellent radish hybrid with a short, very solid and upright growing character. Suitable for cold growing under glass, tunnels as well as outdoor cultivation. Celesta is very stable under cold and wet conditions and has a very strong skin. Celesta has reliable, fine roots, long lasting green leaves and can be stored for long periods. White round Pearl Pearl is an extremely attractive pure white coloured round radish hybrid, suitable for production in all open field cropping regimes. The leaf is medium in size with a very solid, upright growing habit. Pearl is suitable for use in processing as well as presenting in bunches of mixed red and white coloured radishes. Pearl is a new concept radish for the discerning distribution chain. Celesta Pearl Enza Zaden | 151

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