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14 | Enza

14 | Enza Zaden

the journey of the seed The start of a successful variety Offering added value and developing new ideas for products and vegetable varieties to meet future demands - those are our constant aims. We listen to growers, retailers, traders, consumers and distributors and exchange thoughts with them. That way we remain up-to-date of all the latest trends and developments in the market, all over the world. Our breeders in turn use that information to develop new varieties. Working together in the chain Each link in the chain has its own priorities. Growers need reliable varieties with the distinctive quality which enable them to make a profit. Traders and retailers want varieties with a good shelf life. A good shelf life is also essential for the processing industry, along with the possibility of easy processing the vegetables. And the main concerns of consumers are flavour and health. By working together with all the links in the chain we develop varieties with added value for all the chain parties. Enza Zaden | 15

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