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Variety Maturity Harvest

Variety Maturity Harvest period Plant Remarks Days Early Medium Late Leaf cover Viviane 65-70 x Medium Very early into production, erect plants, very uniform curds. Terzolo 70-75 x Medium Early summer variety with impressive curd quality. Good vigour, upright and uniform plant type. Xenia 70-75 x Medium Early variety with regular, dense curds. Has a short harvest period and is very easy to harvest . Novaria 75-80 x Excellent Superb summer/autumn variety with a round, compact, well covered and very white curd. Very good heat tolerance and high uniformity. Synergy 75-85 x Good Vigorous variety producing dense, firm, regular shaped white curds. For summer/autumn production. Telergy 75-85 x Excellent Strong, uprigth plant with blue-green leaves. The curd is well protected, of high quality, with excellent weight and density. Fairway (E 51.227) 75-90 x Excellent Vigorous growing, very good quality cauliflower for fresh market and processing. Maarinna 80-85 x Excellent Vigorous hybrid for summer/early autumn harvest. Very good quality white solid curds. Delias 80-90 x Good Early hybrid with very uniform, round, smooth curds. Upright growth. Natividad 85-90 x Good Summer variety with strong and upright growth habit, good field holding ability and very good curd quality. 148 | Enza Zaden

Variety Maturity Harvest period Plant Remarks Days Early Medium Late Leaf cover Vacaria 85-90 x Good Vigorous variety with large frame. Heavy, white, smooth and firm curds. Crenique 85-95 x Excellent Vigorous plant with twisted inner leaves and a good wrap. Curds are dense and heavy with a smooth texture. For autumn harvest. Daroca 90-100 x Good Vigorous plant, large, excellent quality curd, very good performance in cooler areas. Bonique 90-100 x Good Autumn variety for fresh market and processing. Heavy, dense, upright curds. Monte Verde 95-100 x Medium Green cauliflower with dense, firm curd. Excellent speciality. For autum production. Anique 100-110 x Excellent Healthy and strong growing variety with erect leaves and very white curd. Excellent presentation. Density 100-115 x Excellent Strong growing autumn variety with heavy, dense, smooth, well-protected curds. Tercia 100-120 x Good Especially for late autumn and winter cropping. Vigorous plant with tall leaves. White and heavy curds of outstanding quality. Agility 130-140 x Good Healthy and cold tolerant variety for winter harvest. Excellent quality curds. Vesuvia 130-150 x Good Winter processing variety with very dense and heavy curd. High production. Enza Zaden | 149

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