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144 | Enza

144 | Enza Zaden

Tricia Celtop Marino Variety Cultivation Remarks Rocket Salad Fresh cut Processing Pot plant Rucola Coltivata x x x Fast growing, high yielding, oval leaved type. Rocket Wild Rucola Selvatica x x x Smaller, fine feathered leaves with an intensive flavour. For fresh cut and pot production. Grazia x x x Tricia x x x Compact growing, dark green wild rocket with very uniform, long, fine serrated leaves and improved bolting tolerance. Our fastest variety. High uniformity, medium serrated leaves, upright growth, strong against Peronospora and extra late bolting are the headlines from the grower trials world wide. Suitable for all growing seasons. Celery cut Celbunch x x Very uniform dark green and upright plants, medium sized leaves. Celtop x x x Bright dark green foliage with upright growth and large sized leaves. High yield and excellent quality in all seasons and for all purposes. Coriander Marino x x x Thinly feathered, fine stalked leaf coriander. Improved bolting tolerance, high yielding and very aromatic. Enza Zaden | 145

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