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Vegetable Seed Catalogue

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Variety Cultivation

Variety Cultivation Remarks Chives Fresh cut Processing Pot plant Biggy x x x Jeilo F1 x x x Thick shafted variety with dark blue-green leaf colour. Upright plant habit. Excellent for fresh market, forcing and industry. Our F1 hybrid with dark green leaves up to the base (no white shank). Very uniform and upright growth of the medium to thick shafted leaves. Less labour and less waste material. Suitable for fresh market and direct sowing in pots. Miro x x x Variety with medium thick leaves, suited for outdoor cultivation and forcing. Naomy x x x Nelly x x x Medium to thick shafted, dark green chive with a high resistance against brown tips and a very rapid growth. Both for fresh market and processing (extended shelf-life). Strong root system. Reliable variety for winter production in southern hemisphere. A fine to medium thick shafted chive with a very dark blue-green leaf colour. Very vigorous and upright growing. Strong against diseases and thrips spots on leaves. For fresh market and processing. Staro x x x Extra thick leaved and dark green variety for all growing purposes, forcing, pot growing and fresh cut. Twiggy x x x A fine shafted, very dark green chive with high uniformity. Especially suited for bundles, attains the highest demands on quality. 142 | Enza Zaden

Jeilo Ella Xenon Variety Cultivation Remarks Dill Fresh cut Processing Pot plant Common x x Standard dill variety. Ella x x x Goldkrone x x x Green Sleeves x x Dark blue-green plants with a lot of leaf tips. Due to the extra short hypocotyl this dill variety provides compact and very stable plants for pot production. It is also suited for fresh bundles harvest. Enza’s selection in the tetraploid type, especially high yielding and late flowering, therefore very suitable for extensive growing. For fresh cut and industry purposes. A very stable, dark green dill for production of fresh bundles. Greensleeves is strong against bolting and is duly suited for all year-round cultivation. Parsley Argon x x x Very productive Commun type. Upright growth, dark green leaves, very aromatic. Strong against Downy Mildew. Suitable for pot production, fresh market and industry. Commun 2 x x Enza Zaden’s selection in the plain leaved type: very aromatic, dark green parsley producing high yield. Gigante d’Italia x x x Plain leaved variety, very aromatic and high yielding. Moss Curled 2 x x Medium fine curled leaf, dark green and uniform. Wega x x x Xenon x x x New all-round variety in Moss Curled type with medium fine curl and dark green leaf colour. High uniformity, fast and upright growth and high yield potential make this variety suitable for all purposes and year-round cultivation. Upright growth, stable and very uniform. Moss Curled type with very dark green leaf colour and medium curl, for bunching and pot production. Enza Zaden | 143

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