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Variety Cultivation Bulb

Variety Cultivation Bulb Storage (months) Short day Remarks Early short day Medium short day Late short day Size (mm) Shape White Minerva x 70-110 2-4 Earliest variety available in its segment with excellent bulb quality. Very good performance under semihumid tropical conditions with Pink Root Disease pressure. Caliza x 90-110 2-4 High yielding variety, vigorous plant habit, very uniform shiny white bulbs, bolt resistant. High tolerance to Pink Root Disease. Alissa x 90-110 2-4 A large, uniform, globe shape onion with excellent foliage and root vigor. Good field holding qualities and bolt tolerance. CAL 214 Imperial x 90-110 2-4 Very versatile variety with large bulbs, good skin retention and excellent yield potential. Classic quality onion. Good resistance to Pink Root and foliar diseases. = grano globe = flattened globe 134 | Enza Zaden

Onion White Minerva Minerva is an early short day white skinned onion. The bulbs are firm, large (90-100+ mm), uniform, globe-grano shaped, with nice white colour and good skin retention. Minerva exhibits better field resistance to Foliar Diseases and Pink Root Disease compared to many other varieties in its maturity class. Variety is recommended for sowing during autumn in a wide range of latitudes from the tropics to 35+ degrees. Maturity time is 20-24 weeks after seeding, depending on location, seasonal factors and planting date. Minerva Enza Zaden | 135

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