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Variety Cultivation Bulb

Variety Cultivation Bulb Storage (months) Short day Intermediate day Remarks Early short day Medium short day Late short day Early intermediate Early intermediate Late intermediate Size (mm) Shape Red Malbec x 60-90 2-4 Red Coach x 70-110 2-4 Early hybrid with good handling and storage characteristics. Very intensive red skin colour, excellent internal ring colour development and single centres. Variety with large bulb, nice red internal color, bolt tolerance and a high level of single centers. Suitable for both processing and fresh market. Gamay (E 71.R5588) x 60-90 2-4 Vigorous hybrid with superb internal colour and skin retention. Good foliar disease intermediate resistance. Very good flavour. Red Spur x 60-90 2-4 Pinotage x 60-90 4-5 Cabernet x 70-100+ 4-5 Red Emperor x 60-90 4-5 Rudolf x 60-90 5-7 Late short day variety with good vigour, attractive deep red bulb colour, tight neck and high yield. Very early and productive intermediate day red onion with excellent plant vigour and bulb size. Good general foliage disease resistance. Industry standard for red MID slots with outstanding yield and bulb shape, colour and quality. Red variety with good adaptation to intermediate day growing regions. A long term reliable performer. Quality red onion with very good storage and bolt resistance. Good partial foliar disease resistance. = globe = flattened globe = flattened globe to grano = flattened globe to flat 132 | Enza Zaden

Onion Red Malbec Malbec is a medium short day red onion. Malbec produces bulbs with a highly intense red external and internal ring colour, and develops a large percentage of bulbs with good single centers. The fruit shape is slightly flattened globe. Malbec is particularly recommended for fresh market consumption usage, but has a limited place also in the storage market. It matures 60-90 days from sowing, depending on the location, seasonal factors and planting date. An excellent new hybrid in the assortment. Malbec Enza Zaden | 133

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