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Onion Yellow/Brown

Onion Yellow/Brown Plutonus Plutonus is a late intermediate day maturity onion hybrid. The bulbs are large and globe in shape and have a very good skin retention aspect. Plutonus is in its category a very early variety, bulbs being formed 60-90 days from sowing, depending on the location seasonal factors and sowing date. As well as being an excellent variety for the fresh market, Plutonus is recommended as a very good storage onion hybrid. Plutonus Variety Cultivation Bulb Storage (months) Intermediate day Remarks Early intermediate day Medium intermediate day Late intermediate day Size (mm) Shape Yellow/Brown Manuka x 60-90 6-9 Olivine x 60-100 6-9 Plutonus x 60-90 6-9 Sniper x 70-110 4-6 Zircon x 70-100+ 4-6 Long storage hybrid in the traditional Pukekhoe Long Keeper segment with very good vigour, bolt resistance and uniformity. Flexible Late Australian Brown type. An excellent combination of high yield, dark brown skin colour, very hard bulbs and very long storage. Long storing PLK type hybrid. Vigorous growth and high yield. Appealing dark brown skin colour. Early vigorous hybrid with versatile adaptation in different conditions from intermediate day to early long day. Very attaractive dark skin colour and firm bulb with tight neck. Very vigorous and high yielding hybrid in the early South Australian Brown segment. Excellent uniformity and marketable yield. Very attractive, uniform dark brown bulbs. = globe = globe to slightly elongated 130 | Enza Zaden

Onion Yellow/Brown overwintering NH Louisa (E 72.K5209) Louisa is a new light-brown skinned early short day hybrid onion for the overwintering crop. The light-brown skinned onions show good cold tolerance. Louisa keeps its size well and gives a high yield of very uniform bulbs. Louisa is recommended for the fresh market, not very suitable for storage. Louisa Variety Cultivation Bulb Storage (months) Long day Remarks Early long day Size (mm) Shape Yellow/Brown Cassiopea x 70-110 5-7 High yielding late intermediate - early long day variety. Firm large bulbs with well retained dark golden brown skins. Samantha x 60-100+ 6-8 New long day variety. Unique combination of vigorous growth with very good bulb quality and long storage. Yellow/Brown Overwintering NH Shinto 70-100 2-3 Early maturity in areas with cold winter. Good bolting tolerance. Louisa (E 72.K5209) 70-100 2-3 For overwintering in areas without extremely cold winters. Strong against foliage diseases. Large bulb and good bolt resistance. = globe = flattened globe Enza Zaden | 131

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