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Variety Cultivation Bulb

Variety Cultivation Bulb Storage (months) Short day Remarks Early short day Mid short day Late short day Size (mm) Shape Yellow/Brown Achilles x 60-90 3-5 Buccaneer x 60-95 3-5 Steady performance in a variety of conditions. Firm bulbs with golden brown skin colour and tight neck. Vigorous growing variety, tolerates different climatic conditions and a wide range of growing areas. Excellent skin development and bulb firmness. Camilla x 90-110+ 2-4 Very productive. Unique for Late Short Day segment bulb quality and skin finish. Single centres. Colossus x 90-110+ 2-4 Cronus x 70-110 2-4 Fernanda x 90-110+ 2-4 Morena x 60-90 3-5 Patricia x 90-110+ 2-4 Excellent variety for tropical hot dry to hot humid conditions. High yield potential, large bulbs, field resistance to Pink Root and foliar diseases. Light brown skinned onion with good skin retention and excellent yield potential. Especially for cultivation in humid conditions. Excellent vigour and tropical adaptability. Performing well in a range of slots in equatorial and general SD latitudes. Mild sweet flavour. Very firm bulbs, dark coloured and with excellent skin finish. High yield potential in cooler subtropical and tropical conditions. Vigorous growth, dark brown skin colour, remarkable bulb quality. Strong against foliage diseases. Bolt resistant. = globe = grano globe 128 | Enza Zaden

Onion Yellow/Brown Lombardi Lombardi is an early intermediate day length brown hybrid onion which produces medium-large bulbs. The bulbs are very uniform globe shaped with very firm flesh and attractive dark golden brown skins with excellent skin retention and storage potential. Lombardi is recommended for late autumn/winter to early spring sowing in latitudes of 35-40 degrees. The normal days to maturity are 170 -190 from sowing, depending on the location, seasonal factors and planting date. Lombardi Variety Cultivation Bulb Storage (months) Intermediate day Remarks Early intermediate day Medium intermediate day Late intermediate day Size (mm) Shape Yellow/Brown Acclaim x 70-95 4-5 Earliest storage onion in market with excellent skin finish and skin retention. Very high yield. Python x 70-95 4-5 Very uniform bulbs with well retained, attractive, dark brown skins and very firm flesh with excellent storage potential for its maturity class. Goblin x 60-100+ 5-6 Excellent yield and quality with good bolt resistance and strong tops. Adapts well in wide range of sowing slots. Lombardi x 60-90 5-6 Very attractive, uniform onion. Very good plant vigour and bulb quality. Bolt resistant. Buenavista x 70-110 4-6 Early variety for long day growing regions with superb bulb quality and skin colour. Helenas x 70-110 5-7 Very firm, attractive dark golden brown skinned variety with excellent skin development, handling and storage characteristics. High yield potential. Kauri x 60-90 6-8 Best storage onion available in Pukekohe Long Keeper segment. Excellent skin retention, multiple thin dark golden brown skins. = globe = globe to slightly elongated Enza Zaden | 129

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