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Onion Yellow/Brown

Onion Yellow/Brown Grenade Grenade is a medium-short day hybrid onion particularly recommended for production in (sub) tropical regions. Grenade is a new variety mainly used for the fresh market; the storage ability is quite limited. The bulbs are medium-large in size and globe shaped. The final average size depends on seasonal factors influencing the growth, the sowing date and the location. Grenade has an excellent skin quality and is one of the preferred hybrids of the professional growers. Grenade Variety Cultivation Bulb Storage (months) Short day Remarks Early short day Mid short day Late short day Size (mm) Shape Yellow/Brown Andromeda x 70-110 2-4 Versatile hybrid with vigorous plant habit especially suited for cultivation in tropical conditions. Aquarius x 70-110 2-4 Vigorous variety with large yellow skinned bulbs. Good skin retention and excellent yield potential. Diandra x 90-110+ 2-4 Fast maturing hybrid with large bright yellow skinned bulbs and good root vigour. For hand and machine harvest. Gabriella (E 72.R5560) x 80-110+ 2-4 High yielding Grano type with good bolting resistance for its maturity class. Large, very attractive uniform bulbs with mild to sweet taste. Goiana x 70-110 3-5 Grenade x 60-90 3-5 Lucinda x 70-110 3-5 Early onion which combines yield, quality and storability. The bulbs are very regular in shape and big sized for its segment, even under difficult conditions. Suitable for machine harvest. Medium sized, very uniform, globe-shaped bulbs with excellent colour, skin retention and firmness. Good field resistance to foliar diseases. Goiana type with stronger vigour and a few days later into production. Very good firmness and skin quality. Strong against foliar diseases. = globe = flattened globe to globe = grano globe 126 | Enza Zaden

Onion Yellow/Brown Sirius Sirius is a light-brown skinned onion hybrid suitable for production in medium-short day (sub) tropical conditions. Sirius is a fresh market onion with short-medium storage ability (2-4 months). The bulbs are globe in shape and large in size, depending on seasonal factors, the sowing date and location. Sirius has an excellent skin quality. Sirius Variety Cultivation Bulb Storage (months) Short day Remarks Early short day Mid short day Late short day Size (mm) Shape Yellow/Brown Predator x 70-110 2-4 Rebecca x 80-110+ 2-4 Sirius x 70-110 2-4 Sweet Jalene x 90-110 2-4 Terminator x 60-100 2-4 Excellent yield potential. Very uniform, large sized, firm bulbs. Very adaptable in a wide range of SD growing regions. Field resistance against foliar diseases. Good vigour combined with flexibility in different sowing slots and latitudes. Working well in dry season sowings in equatorial latitudes. Performs well in a wide range of slots. Unique combination of root and foliage vigour with excellent bulb quality. Granex type, sweet to mild taste. Very firm large bulbs with yellow skin colour. For hand and machine harvest. Excellent bulb quality and skin retention. Uniform bulbs with upright tight neck. Has a wide planting window due to its longer maturity and can be planted in subtropical summers and winters. Yellow Granex 106 x 90-110 2-4 Very productive Granex type with large bulbs of excellent quality. Yellow Granex 112 x 90-110 2-4 Extra large bulbs with single centres, good skin retention and outstanding yield potential. For hand and machine harvest. Very good quality for processing. = globe = grano globe = granex to flattened globe Enza Zaden | 127

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