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Onion It is a fact that

Onion It is a fact that the onion is a popular product worldwide. With an annual production estimated somewhere between 50 to 100 million tonnes, it is one of the most widely grown vegetables in the world. This means an average consumption of almost 10.5 kg per person per year. In countries such as Korea, Algeria, Morocco and Spain, the consumption of onions is high. However, the Libyans are the greatest onion lovers: they consume 28 kilograms per person per year. The quality and shelf life of Short Day and Intermediate Day onions are key points in onion breeding activities. “We are now seeing emerging onion markets worldwide, for instance in Brazil,” says Bram van Staalduinen, Senior Portfolio Manager at Enza Zaden. “The cultivation of onions is also intensifying. Onion companies are specialising, mechanising and demanding a higher product quality, and above all, a longer shelf-life.” In order to focus on these key points, Enza Zaden has onion breeders in Australia, New Zealand, Italy and the USA who collaborate very closely. These onion experts regularly exchange specific knowledge to keep abreast of the latest developments in breeding. Nick Mendham Portfolio Manager & Senior Crop Specialist Onion The Netherlands 124 | Enza Zaden

Onion Yellow/Brown Regent Regent is a light-brown skinned hybrid onion variety. The bulbs are globe shaped, very firm and have quite good storage ability, particularly for such an early variety. The yield potential of Regent is extremely high. The flavor of the onion is very sweet and mild. In the field it has shown to be strong against Downy Mildew. Regent is recommended for planting during mid-late autumn in a wide range of latitudes from the tropics to 35+ degrees. The maturity is 20-24 weeks after seeding, depending on location, seasonal factors and planting date. Regent Variety Cultivation Bulb Storage (months) Short day Remarks Early short day Mid short day Late short day Size (mm) Shape Yellow/Brown Annika x 70-110 2-4 Cavalier x 65-100 2-3 Cristalina x 70-110 2-4 Madalyn x 70-100+ 2-3 Regent x 70-100 2-3 High yielding fresh market onion with very nice dark skin colour and great quality in its maturity class. Strong against foliage diseases. Flexible range of sowing slots. Early and very flexible variety. Standard for many years in SD onion production regions. Firm bulb with light-brown skin colour. Early hybrid with good adaptation in different latitudes and sowing periods. Excellent round bulb shape with good brown colour. Upright plant with thin neck. Very early and fast-growing hybrid for cultivation in subtropical areas. Round bulbs, straw-brown scale leaf. Small basal plate and thin neck. Very good uniformity in both size and shape. Early and high yielding hybrid. Adapted to a wide range of sowing slots and growing areas. Vigorous tops, uniform high quality bulbs with light brown skin. Samurai x 70-110 2-4 Superb bulb quality and high production. Large, single centred bulbs with good skin retention. Soberana x 65-100 2-3 Early hybrid with nice bulb shape and excellent skin quality. Resistant to bolting. Taipan x 70-100 2-3 Very early light brown skinned hybrid. Firm bulbs with good skin retention and high yield potential. Wide sowing slot, flexible. Teresa x 70-110 2-4 High yield, large single centred bulbs and bolt resistance. Very flexible. = globe = slightly flattened globe = flattened globe to globe = grano globe Enza Zaden | 125

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