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122 | Enza

122 | Enza Zaden

Asia and Oceania the power of a multilocal company Asia is characterised by its wide diversity of culture, eating habits and the related vegetable types and varieties. Ranging from densely populated countries such as Pakistan and India to the tropical islands of Indonesia and the Philippines and to the Far East in Korea and Japan, Asia requires a broad mix of greenhouse and open field vegetable seed varieties, some of which are indigenous. In line with the vision of local breeding for local markets, Enza Zaden offers Asia an exciting assortment of Asian varieties from breeding locations in China, India and the South East Asia. Using a network of dedicated exclusive distributors in all Asian countries, Enza Zaden is ready to serve the farmers in what is the fastest growing region in the world. The climate range in Australia means that production areas move with the season, and most crops can be grown all year-round. The main production areas are Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Queensland. Most crops focus on the domestic markets for a population of 22 million people, there is very little export. To the South East of Australia the fertile green islands of New Zealand receive regular and steady rainfall. The population of five million people benefits from ideal growing conditions, which enables New Zealand to increasingly target export markets in Europe and Asia. For example, the temperate climate makes it possible to produce a wide range of crops for export to the historic UK markets. Most modern produce trade is to Australia, China and Japan, and trading with other Asian countries is on the increase. Enza Zaden began its relationship with Australia and New Zealand decades ago. When the present owners of South Pacific Seeds (SPS) decided to go-it-alone and set up business for themselves, Enza Zaden joined them. Today, Enza Zaden sells its products in Australia and New Zealand exclusively through the network of SPS and Terranova Seeds (a subsidiary of SPS). The Enza Zaden range consists of the full assortment; onion, greenhouse tomato and pepper, pumpkin and lettuce being the main lines. Enza Zaden | 123

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