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Corn Salad Variety

Corn Salad Variety Cropping Cultivation period Leaves Remarks Protected Open Field Spring Summer Autumn Winter Shape Grey Accent x x x x x round Fast growing variety for fresh market and processing. Compact dark green plants with perfect round shaped leaves. Attractive rosette. Amely x x x (x) x x oval round Very fast growing reliable variety for cold and hot conditions. Etap x x x oval round The fastest growing Enza Zaden variety for winter crops. Favor x x x x x oval round Sturdy growing corn salad suitable for all seasons and all purposes. Juwallon x x x x oval round Juvert x x oval round Reliable variety for winter to spring tunnel crops with erect leaf arrangement and bright green colour. Oval shaped leaf with fine vein structure. Produces steadily in hot conditions. Excellent shelf-life. 120 | Enza Zaden

Accent Accent is a fast growing compact corn salad variety recommended for production in autumn, winter and spring crops. The plant structure is very uniform and upright, the leaves are round in shape. Accent has a very high total yield and is an exceptional variety for the professional corn salad grower. Amely Amely is a new corn salad variety from Enza Zaden. It is very fast growing. Amely is recommended for all protected autumn and spring crops. The plant is upright and well-formed. The leaves are medium green in colour and very strong against yellowing on the cotyledons. Suitable for processing as well as fresh market usage. Accent Enza Zaden | 121

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