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Spinach Variety

Spinach Variety Cultivation period Leaves Usage Resistances Remarks Spring Summer Autumn Winter Shape Freshmarket Processing HR IR Chevelle x x x Pfs:1-13 Corvair x x x x Pfs:1-11,13 Cougar x x x x Pfs:1-13 Very uniform dark green semi-savoy leaf, upright growth habit. Very good field holding ability. Medium growth speed, does well in both cool and hot conditions. Fresh appearance and good field holding ability. High yielding variety for year-round cultivation. Uniform dark green leaf, upright growth habit. Ram (E 80.9448) x x x x Pfs:1-10,12,13 Pfs:11 A summer type for babyleaf. Slow growing, round, smooth dark green leaves, erect growing habit. Ranchero x x x x x Pfs:1-11,13 Yabi x x x x x Pfs:1-10 E03D.0578 x x x x Pfs:1-13 Early and fast-growing variety with thick leaf. Very uniform leaf size and shape. Very flexible variety, can be used for a long sowing period. Excellent field holdability and high yield potential. New fast-growing and widely adaptable variety with dark-green leaf colour and thick leaf texture. HR: High Resistance | IR: Intermediate Resistance | For explanation of the codes of resistances, see page 166. Current information concerning the resistances is available on = oval = oval pointed = round 118 | Enza Zaden

Corvair Corvair is widely recommended for fresh market and babyleaf usage. It is suitable for spring, summer and autumn cultivation in most main spinach production locations around the world. Generally Corvair is a steady growing variety needing time to reach full maturity. It has an excellent field standing ability and is very strong against leaf burn. Highly Resistant to Pfs races 1-11,13. Ram (E 80.9448) Ram is a new hybrid from Enza Zaden with some very interesting qualities. It is quite slow growing, forming attractive round, smooth and dark green leaves with an extremely good texture. The growth habit is erect. Ram is particularly recommended as a variety to produce in the summer for the babyleaf market, performs well in the heat and with high light. Highly Resistant to Pfs:1-10,12,13 and Intermediate Resistant to Pfs:11. Corvair Enza Zaden | 119

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