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Endive Our endive

Endive Our endive breeding and screening programmes are located in the most important production areas. This allows us to select our varieties most accurately as the conditions are just like those of our customers. As we compare our best lines between several locations, we develop more reliable and flexible varieties that cover longer harvesting slots and stand fluctuating weather conditions. During autumn, winter and early spring seasons, we select at our breeding stations located in South Italy, South France and Spain. In spring and summer we do so in Central Italy, North West France, the Netherlands and Germany. Enza Zaden has a broad endive breeding programme. Our aim is to develop varieties for all market segments. We have varieties suitable for the processing industry as well as for the fresh market. The ultimate destination of the product also plays a major role in endive breeding. Whereas one market use endive raw in salads, others ask for specific characteristics like dark green smooth varieties or the nice ‘très fine’ curled type. In this type we offer a complete innovative range of varieties which allow our customers to produce all year long in open field, for both processing and fresh markets. Chantal Desplanches Crop Breeding Manager Endive France 116 | Enza Zaden

Endive Smooth leaf endive Parmance Parmance is a very reliable and flexible variety which gives a good performance under a wide range of growing conditions. The head grows quite large in size and the leaves are broad, firm and attractive fresh green in colour. Parmance is strong against bolting and tipburn. We recommend Parmance for production from summer through to late autumn in the main endive producing regions of Europe. Séance Séance is one of Enza Zaden’s most popular smooth leaved endive varieties. Recommended for late spring, summer and autumn cultivation, Séance always gives performance and uniformity. The medium to large heads are full of attractive bright green flat leaves which have a good vein structure. The base is clean and the heads are easy to harvest. Parmance is noted for its fast heart filling and attractive presentation. Cuartana Cuartana Cuartana is a variety specially developed for production from an early start in the spring time. It is strong against bolting if caught by a cold snap. Cuartana has quite an upright growth habit and a large head with attractive flat leaves. Under difficult climatological and growth conditions Cuartana produces an extraordinary amount of top quality heads for the market. Curly leaf endive Bekele Bekele is a very voluminous curled endive variety, producing strong upright heads. The shiny dark green thick leaves are very attractive curled, presenting a very marketable product in the box. Bekele is particularly recommended for spring production because of its strong bolt tolerance. Bekele is widely grown in most of the major endive markets in Southern Europe and has gained popularity with the professional growers. Myrna Myrna Myrna is one of the Enza Zaden well known standard curled endive varieties used in many major endive growing regions. Myrna is particularly recommended for cultivation in summer and autumn crops. It is strong against bolting and tipburn. The heads are medium sized and well filled with fine, curly leaves. Myrna gives a very consistent performance and is well appreciated by professional growers worldwide. Zidane Zidane is an attractive, fast growing Tres Fine Maraichere (TFM) type endive particularly suitable for production from late spring through the summer and up to early autumn. The heads are quite small and compact, the leaves are thin and very curly, a typical TFM type which fits into most growers planting schedules. Zidane has shown itself to be adaptable to a wide range of growing conditions and soil types. A professional variety for the professionals. Zidane Enza Zaden | 117

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