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Hydroponic lettuce One

Hydroponic lettuce One of the latest developments in the industry is cultivation on water. Enza Zaden is closely involved in the development of varieties that are suitable for this innovative, environmentally friendly form of cultivation, especially where lettuce is concerned. Hydroponics in a nutshell Soilless culture: that is what hydroponics is all about. One of its characteristics is a mobile gully system, with seven- to eight-centimetre pots. The roots of the crops are in direct contact with the nutrients dissolved in water. Hydroponic production limits the use of water, nutrients and chemicals; it prevents soil pollution and involves highly mechanised, automated systems. The end products are very clean, and are often marketed as grown without chemicals, hence an increase in organic production. Jan van Kuijk Crop Specialist Leafy Vegetable Breeding The Netherlands 112 | Enza Zaden

H Y D R O P O N I C ENZA ZADEN Hydroponic Lettuce Batavia Pearl Gem Pearl Gem is the Enza Zaden standard selection of the open leaved blond batavia lettuce type Grand Rapids. Pearl Gem is a major standard variety in all markets where reliability and consistency of performance are needed in NFT production. A very uniform selection, the blond open leaved heads are just what the professional growers need for the consumer markets. Caipira Caipira is fast becoming a main stream NFT batavia type lettuce variety in many major production regions around the world. It is recommended for cropping from spring through the summer until early autumn. Caipira has a large curly head and is quite open, the leaf colour is medium green. It is quite erect in its growth habit and the bottom is well closed. Resistances: HR: Bl:1-26,28/Nr:0 | IR: LMV:1 Eazyleaf Ezfrill Ezfrill is a new leaf lettuce type from Enza Zaden particularly recommended for early spring to late autumn NFT production in Northern Europe, and winter NFT production in South Europe. Ezfrill is a unique dark green, finely curled and compact Eazyleaf lettuce. The leaves are well serrated and very crispy. Take a look at a new generation of NFT lettuces from Enza Zaden. Resistances: HR: Bl:1-28/Nr:0 *This is just a small selection of our lettuce varieties, please refer to our website for descriptions of our whole range of varieties: Enza Zaden | 113

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