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10 | Enza

10 | Enza Zaden

the power of vegetable breeding Realistic sustainable entrepreneurship Realistic sustainable entrepreneurship is our goal. We believe that a company can only succeed when it is in full harmony with its environment. As an international vegetable breeding company we can say that we have nature is in our genes. And that’s why we want to do everything we can to make a positive contribution towards our changing living environment, healthy food and healthy food production for the rapidly expanding global population. Organic seeds: Vitalis The popularity of organic vegetables has grown tremendously worldwide over the past decade. That has led to an increasing demand for strong, organically grown varieties of top quality. Our subsidiary Vitalis Organic Seeds is a 100% organic vegetable seed breeding company focusing on professional organic growers. Vitalis supplies a wide range of organic vegetable seeds of distinctive quality all over the world. The organically certified seeds are all grown and processed under strict organic conditions. They consequently meet the specific demands and requirements of both organic consumers and organic growers and all the relevant legislation in Europe and America. Enza Zaden | 11

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