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Eazyleaf® Imagine a

Eazyleaf® Imagine a product that serves your customers better alternatives. A product with added value to the whole chain, with reduced costs and labour. A product that is eazy to process and offers you excellent shelflife. That is exactly the objective Enza Zaden has set itself with a great team of gifted and passionate researchers. The concept is ‘Eazyleaf®’, an attractive range of products supporting the grower and the processing industry in their ambition to serve top quality products. It gives retail the shelf life and appearance they are whishing for. And the consumers? They will have a unique taste experience with these tasty, crunchy products. Our Eazyleaf® brand covers lettuce varieties that are very easy to slice and prepare. The heads of the lettuce need to be sliced only once and will then fall apart into individual small leaves of a uniform size. Easy for growers to harvest, easy for the processing industry to process and pack, and easy for consumers to use. Monia Skrsyniarz Senior Breeder Lettuce France 108 | Enza Zaden

Ezabel Ezabel is a light green leaf coloured Eazyleaf type of outdoor lettuce variety. The leaves are quite serrated with almost a Batavia type of shape. Ezabel can be grown from spring through to autumn outdoors, and also gives a very uniform product when grown indoors. Ezabel is an exciting new variety with a fresh consumer appeal. Resistances: HR: Bl:1-27/Nr:0 Eztoril Eztoril is a medium to dark green leaf coloured Eazyleaf type recommended for production outdoors from early spring to late autumn in cooler climates. The heads are very compact producing a high number of thick, evenly sized leaves which fall evenly when cut. Eztoril is a must for the professional leaf lettuce growers and processing industry. Resistances: HR: Bl:1-27/Nr:0 Ezabel Ezfilan (E01L.3505) Ezfilan is a very attractive bright red leaved Eazyleaf variety, recommended for production throughout the main growing seasons. The large head is compact and well formed, containing many leaves of equal size and shape. Cuts evenly and well for the processing market. Ezfilan's red leaf colour penetrates deeply into the lettuce. Resistances: HR: Bl:1-28/Nr:0 Ezfilan *This is just a small selection of our lettuce varieties, please refer to our website for descriptions of our whole range: Enza Zaden | 109

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