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100 | Enza

100 | Enza Zaden

South and Central America the power of a multilocal company Enza Zaden is a ‘multilocal’ company, which means think global but act local. We work closely together with local distribution companies all over the world, creating partnerships and cooperation for the good of all. Many of these relationships go back many years and are founded on trust and understanding and a solid base of a successful business track record. For example, in Argentina we have been working with our distributor Roque Lauria since the 1980s, passing on the responsibilities from both sides through the generations. Today we enjoy a massive market share in the all-important greenhouse tomato market with our leading variety ‘Elpida’. Consistent with the approach to large, fast expanding vegetable growing markets around the world, Enza Zaden established its own sales subsidiary in Brazil in 2011. Our large market share in the onion market gave us the platform to build a thriving business. Added to this are tomato, lettuce, herbs, cucumber and also a full assortment of other products. In 2013 we established a new research station in Holambra, Sao Paulo, close to the heart of the main vegetable production region in Brazil. Emphasis will be on open field tomatoes, peppers, onions and melons for the whole of North and South America. Central America and The Caribbean figure high on our priorities. Our local sales and technical team cover a wide area and a diverse range of crops, from high-tech greenhouse production for export in the winter to large scale open field cropping of onions for the local markets. Melon production in the winter months for export to the high value USA and European markets requires intense technical support to ensure the correct variety recommendations are made. Enza Zaden works through two long-standing exclusive distributors in Argentina and Chile. We dominate the greenhouse tomato markets in both countries with such well-known hybrids as Elpida, Naomi and Lezaforta. Climate and growing conditions vary enormously, from the deserts of the North of Chile to the very hot and humid conditions found in the main production area of Northern Argentina. Only by means of our intensive trialling and screening work in the markets can we select the right varieties for each circumstance. Enza Zaden | 101

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