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ThePartnership no. 14

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30 Index Dear reader,

30 Index Dear reader, dear partner, Welcome to the 14th edition of the Enza Zaden ‘The Partnership’ magazine! 2018, the year of our 80th anniversary. In 1938 my grandfather started to sell seeds to local growers. Quality seeds allowing the growers to distinguish themselves. Twenty years later, my father started our vegetable breeding activities to attune to the wishes of growers even better. In these early years, the first partnerships were formed and now, in our 80th year of existence, they have grown even stronger. technology. Topics that we hope inspire you and help you in your daily business. Jaap Mazereeuw Managing Director Enza Zaden 18 We have partners all over the world: distributors to start with, but also chain partners with whom we connect to develop the vegetables of tomorrow. Or universities and knowledge centres that are essential in today's fast changing world of technology. In 80 years, such partnerships, based on mutual trust and loyalty, have been indispensable to become the company that Enza Zaden is today. And in the world of tomorrow, working together becomes ever more important. How can we help each other to become the best? 14 26 We benefit from each other's services and knowledge. Through this magazine, we share some of our knowledge with you, our partners. Our knowledge on markets, products, trends, marketing, science and 25 The Partnership 4 Sweet pepper portfolio continues to expand Breeders are working hard to expand and improve the range of sweet peppers. What’s happing in the world of pepper breeding today? 18 Go where the growth is Category management has 4 essential guiding principles. We explain the tipping point in grocery retailing comparing the principles from the European and American perspectives. 29 Column Henk Driessen, Crop Research Director Leafy Vegetable Breeding, writes how partnership – in every respect – is the key to success. Cover: Pankaj Malik Regional Director South East Asia 8 12 14 Tropical Asia, diversity at its best Southeast Asia – or tropical Asia – covers over 10 countries representing about 1 billion people. Many differences and similarities exist among them. An insight. Serving a growing nation Ambition and intensive efforts have led to success of the innovative Mount Carmel Farms in South Africa. A farm that has a special relationship with Enza Zaden. Conscious choice for a healthy lifestyle The global consumption of organic products is increasing. And appears to be linked to the level of prosperity of the countries and their inhabitants. What’s happening in the world of organics? 22 25 26 Healthy seed, healthy cultivation A lot of research is being done to help to protect customers’ crops and give them a disease-free start. A closer look on seed health and its importance. In focus Feeling hot, hot, hot! Did you know that the active component of hot pepper is a defense mechanism used by the plant to protect its seeds? More facts about this spicy vegetable. Technology helps breeding move forward Traditional techniques are the very basis of plant breeding. But new techniques and increased knowledge have also leave their mark on product development. 30 The consumer sets the tone in the BEHR GemüseGarten Rudolf Behr, CEO of the German BEHR GemüseGarten, reflects on 20 years partnership with Enza Zaden and the developments in his business over the years. The Partnership | 3

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